I talked to my sister last night as she emailed me that there was a new assessment of my mom’s evaluation. She rarely sends me an email nor asking to set up the time to talk. Something must be up. It seems that my sister trust my intuition and awareness in the spiritual realm. She wanted to get my insight.

Mom was diagnosed as Alzheimer’s in the beginning of the last year. I’m sure the disease is in progress, but the group home she now lives noted that mom is becoming more agitated. They are claiming that there was an incident which mom got angry and tried to attack the care giver. This is quite challenging what to take for the family, so when I talked to my sister, she was in the mode of taking all she was told by the facility.

I don’t do this while talking to people, but when it involves with my mom who doesn’t have a voice of communication, I connect with the spiritual realm. As I listen, I got yes mom’s Alzheimer’s is more advanced than before. Yes, she is more sensitive and gets agitated. But, what I got insight was that there was a definite reason she got upset and the fault seems to be in the side of the claimer. I’m not too surprised with it because I’ve visited this place and saw how things are done. I’m not saying that this place is bad; they do wonderful work. However, they don’t have awareness on how to treat people who function differently. I delivered the information to my sister and I think she feels easier on this news.

If I didn’t learn the spirituality, I don’t think I could cope with my mom’s progress so peacefully. I live so far from them and I can’t visit easily, so hearing stuff brings up such anxiety normally speaking. I learned the tools to ground myself, see things in the neutral manor, and just remove the energies not supportive of me. They all help. Of course, I get a little lonely since I’m a human. Though, I want my mom to be for her highest good, not mine nor my sister’s. Although I do wish if she could be around forever physically, I’m willing to accept my mom’s process. If I’m not grounded, my sister and I would both get stumbled.

Just knowing that my spiritual learning has helped my process of change and transition in my mom itself is a great gift. I’m grateful for that.