Managing empath

When you open a door of the six sensory world, you hear the word ’empath’ sometimes. I was never told that I was an empath, but my whole journey started to find the solution to what I didn’t know how to manage. I used to get flooded by people’s feelings and I couldn’t know what was mine and what wasn’t. At first, I sought for a definite protection. I tried white light to protect myself as many intuitives suggest it. You’re welcome to try out whatever you like, but really nothing worked for me. Besides, white light protection or similar ones may block something, but I want to note that it freezes fears inside.

When I started to realize that I might be one of those empath was that throughout my life, I seemed to be popping up around people who have negative energies, either physical, emotional or mental. Then, for whatever reasons, they got better and I got sick or down. Still, my awareness was after I started to clear my energies. I just hoped that whatever this “curse” was, I wanted a solution for it. Let me give you an example. For instance, if I go to the gym, I seem to be wiping out all the lower energies from surroundings and in order to shake them out, I had to workout extremely intensely. I injured my back three times in the past from just working out. The common episode was going to the store made my chest hurt. I used to freak out going anywhere after I started to notice.

Upon lots of work on myself and clearing lots of energies through spiritual learning, thankfully I don’t get freak out about going to the places. Sure, I get some pains or discomfort, but now I know what those may mean. I’ve accepted that this empath thing doesn’t completely go away. Even if it might, it’s not gone yet. However, it’s manageable. I’m not freaking out to go out. I do choose where to go or people to meet, but that’s because I know what is too much and what is acceptable for me.

Empath isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s the tendency of empath to heal by taking it on. That’s the part I’ve been continuously learning to eliminate. I’m much better at it. The part about sensing other’s energies doesn’t go away. It is rather stronger and more sensitive than before. So, I’m just accepting what it is and learning what can be changed.

This year, I started to realize that I seem to be picking up sensing other’s energies before I meet. People I meet for the day, people I give healing for the day, people I meet in the class, etc. I sense those energies before I even meet and without knowing who I meet. I’m not sure how I’m doing this and I’ve still been working on not allowing other’s energies in and not going to other’s space myself. I don’t know if I’m doing either of them, but I sure feel the energies of my encounters for the day. However, this part is also I’m getting used to it now.

Lately, I started to notice something slightly different. I do sense someone’s energies, but that’s not someone I’m supposed to meet. Rather, it seems that someone who needs my healing or insight is communicating with me. How can I describe this? So, I get some strong energies which is obviously stagnant, then I try to call on it who it is so that I can remove the energies from my space. But, I can’t name it. It’s almost like I don’t know that energies. I don’t know this person. Then, after the meditation, I decide to do something like say, going out to post my flyers and business cards. Then, I get a specific place I pulled to go. When I go there, I start noticing that someone there or her/his relation is the one who was calling me. This is a little bit woo woo for me. Well, I’m already woo woo for some people I guess, so adding some extra woo woo won’t make much difference.

So, my journey of managing empath continues. Definitely better and definitely changing. Spirituality is soul’s evolution and I’m evolving, too.