Difference between empath me and healer me

I spoke with my sister today via Skype. I have mixed feeling about technology, but I have to say that Skype is the greatest thing. Without it, our communication and relationship would be different I’m sure. That’s my side note thumbs up for Skype.

While talking with her, I realized that I say things what I sense and see from the healer and intuitive point of view. Empath me would be feeling what she feels and I would be sad, hurt, and in pain with her. That used to be me and I couldn’t say a thing even if it would help her after the pain was gone. It wasn’t an advice but it was more of telling what I see and what I know. That’s what I usually do when I do healing. However, when I start taking the pain of the others, I can’t be neutral and can’t say anything.

Interesting thing is that my sister (she is a big sister who is 12 years older than me) listens what I say and she is taking all without resistance. She is also willing to accept my healing nowadays. Our relationship has definitely changed a lot. Of course, I’ve been working on our relationship before I started to walk on my spiritual path, but the change is more significant and evolving since I started to do the spiritual work. I have to say it’s quite amazing. Healing is amazing!

Of course, my sister is amazing to do all the changes on herself, too. Ok, I’d better credit myself, too. Hurray for my willingness to change and my continuous work!

I think my empath is changing. At least, I now know when I’m doing the innate empath and when I’m not. Neutrality is the key. Certain things, certain situations, I just cannot be neutral. I won’t be able to work at an emergency room. I’m better than before, but I’m not really ok with physical injuries and pains. When the emotion is very strong, I sometimes slip to the empath me.

I used to think this was a curse, but my intuition was right. My intuition told me that learning the healing would help my emapth. It’s definitely a slow progress, but I’m seeing the light! 😀