The most challenging part of healings and readings might be being neutral. Healers come with human bodies; we have bodily lessons and challenges like everybody else. When I first started to have my awakening to the spiritual realm, the hardest part was that I didn’t really think that way. I thought healers and intuitives had somewhat special gifts, so they must be enlightened. That was my very mistake, so I was missing out so many warning flags for me.

When I first started to learn about spirituality by taking classes, I didn’t understand why I often felt attacked or dark. I remember there were a few times I had a sharp pains in my stomach or air shot gun shot in my heart chakra. My assumption was all was because I was super sensitive and empath, so I wasn’t understanding what my innate stuff doing itself. Of course, I was learning about my gifts, so that was part of it, but not all.

It was probably after a good one and a half year when I started to realize that maybe it wasn’t just me but it was the others. I wish I knew soon, but I’m sure it was part of my learning journey. Sometimes it makes more sense to learn by experience. This is so far what I see and understand. Healers and spiritual workers come in different forms, levels and also bodily challenges.

I will give you an example what I mean. So, healers and spiritual workers have good intention to heal you (hopefully that’s the intention), but if they are not aware of their own lessons and challenges, the both healing and the bodily energies might come through. I’ll give you more specific example. Let’s say if healers are giving you Reiki. If the healers are not consciously learning and evolving their bodily challenges and spiritual lessons, they might not understand that he/she might be imposing their energies along with the source healing energy.

Readings are the same. If what they say comes with the readers’ bodily personalities (say ego to be easier), the readings and messages might have truth to it, but they might come with the additional energies of the readers. I thought it was because of me before, but now I know it’s definitely not. I had a valid reason to feel discomfort. All the energies that are not mine, not in the highest support of me won’t agree with my energetic field. I just know when impurity is in my energetic field very strongly. I happened to be super sensitive and kinesthetic, so all the energies not mine felt discomfort or pains, I had to back off from them many times.

So, what do you do? Back to basics. Ask yourself. How does it feel? Does it feel warm in your chest? Does it feel like molasses clogging up your energy flow? How does it make your body respond? Are you holding your body tight or relaxed? Do you feel safe emotionally and spiritually? When in doubt, just back off from it. You can always come back when you know it’s a “green light.”

I’m hoping that all the spiritual workers and healers have good intension. Still, what resonate with you is different from others because we are all unique vibration. So, discern what works for you and not. Healers who don’t resonate with you don’t mean they are wrong or you are wrong. It’s just there are so many variety and so many levels of awareness. You are the only one who knows what works for you, no one else including healers. You have a free will.

I hope your spiritual journey is a loving, joyful one with discernment!!