I want to note about one of the challenging energies. That is the judgment energy. When we don’t pay attention to the energetic value of judgment, judgment doesn’t sound bad. Actually, it might sound like a pretty good thing we can do. We judge. We judge people. Even Myers Briggs personality trait test has the category of judgmental as if it’s either judgmental or not. Through my experiences and learning about energies and spirituality, I have to say that judgment is probably one of the most detrimental energies.

We judge good or bad. Take a close look on this judgment. So, we are somehow entitled to know what is good for others when we judge. Take a closer look to the tone of the energy of judgment. When someone is judging you for anything, how does it feel to you? Does it feel warm? Does it feel loving? Forget about what the psychology or constructive critics argue. Have you ever been judged? How did it make you feel? How did you physically feel in your body?

I’ll give you my example. When I was learning how to read people clairvoyantly, once I was judged on what I read in the middle of the reading. I was still new to the learning and was still uncomfortable and nervous about what I was reading. You know what the judgment did? My body reacted immediately. My body got tight and started to shrink. I couldn’t even continue to read any more. I started to doubt and question how unworthy of my reading ability was. I actually don’t remember what happened after that judgment during the reading to be honest. Of course, I’m super sensitive with negative energies and so with judgment. So, my reaction was very significant and noticeable.

Judgment stops the flow of energy. It blocks the beautiful creative flow of energy. It pushes a strong pressure that doesn’t allow you to be who you are. We’ve been living unconsciously for so long that judgment comes out like an habit. So, if you judge others, don’t worry and stop feeling guilty. However, you can start changing. Why don’t you give loving, supportive energies instead of hard, hush energies like judgment? Try comparing the energies. Think of unconditional love and gratitude. How does it feel? Then, compare with judgment. Which would you like for yourself?

When you do a healing work, I cannot address enough that the gift is only one part. No matter how good healing gift you have, if you’re unaware of your bodily energies, it totally kills the healing. Judgment is a charged energy. Replace your judgment with love and acceptance.