Energy of Anxiety

Lately, I got to experience variety of anxiety through healing and my own experiences. I remember when I was researching about anxiety in school, I used to think that I was an anxiety prone person. Maybe I am, but not like I thought I was. I’ll post a little bit about anxiety energy from what I know so far.

When I do healing on people,anxiety energy is a pretty significant energy to notice. When I was giving a healing on someone I’ve never met for the first time, I was nervous of course. At that point, I couldn’t tell if I was cold because I was nervous. Since I got to do healing many times throughout the years, I can now definitely differentiate when I meet an anxiety energy. The anxiety energy can be pretty cold in general. When you take a look at the cold energy a little bit deeper, there is definitely some slight moisture, humidity in it. My take on this is physics. When there is moisture and you apply the moving air to it, the temperature decreases. I have to say that kidney and adrenal are sometimes involved. My guess is that when the anxiety is induced, it can be a heated energy at first.

The energy of anxiety is very tricky to deal with as you probably have experienced in life. Psychology would state anxiety is due to a stressor more than normal bearing of the nervous system to handle. I would agree with that, but I want to add a little bit more spiritual (non-visible) input to it.

Recently I’ve experienced, intense anxiety, in my terms, induced anxiety. I had a pretty stressful situation and all the intense health healing on people were also piled up. Then, this specific person’s energy sat on my kidney which made me vomit all night. When my body went through that kind of emergency mode and refused to eat the normal food, my capacity to handle the stressor got quite limited as well. Normally speaking, if the stressful situation is short like a couple of days, you probably can improve your nervous system right back. But, my stressor was increasing and has been lasting for a few weeks. I have to say that if there was an easy access to a bridge next door, I would have jumped off the bridge. Well, I don’t think I could but it has been pretty intense and made me miserable.

One thing I noticed is that stress might not be just an event which is stressing you out. I know that the situation really pushed me and challenged me. However, there was other part which made me impossible to relax. That was the others’ energies coming into my space. I know you might not see or feel energy like I do, but you probably know in some degree what I’m trying to say. There is some energy besides the events which sit on your energy field. It could be someone’s expectation, anxiety, fear, and so forth. Of course, you have your own challenging energy in yourself which you have been working on to remove and shift throughout your life. Adding others’ energies to it in the intense situation doesn’t help you to relax for sure.

Here are some tips I would like you to explore. When you (your body) are out of control, first, notice if you have anxiety and acting out. I don’t deal with anxiety that way, but I’ve seen lots of people are going through the uncontrollable mode. Some people deal with anxiety by controlling, too, which is not helpful in the big picture. Do you have some grounding tools or meditation you do? If you do, take some time to first ground and meditate to remove at least the edges off from the anxiety. If you don’t have such tools, you can find the meditation from my blog under the meditation category. If you can be calm enough, look into the thoughts and beliefs of you which are not helping you to relax. For instance, are you trying to be perfect? Are you placing you in the locked mode like, if I don’t do this, then I’m in trouble. Are you looking at the too far future, not at a moment? Something like, oh no, I might have a terminal illness. Any sort of those kind of thinking needs to be grounded and removed because it’s not helping you, is it? Lastly, look into whose energy there are in your energy field. Is it your family who needs your help desperately? Is it your boss who has been soaked up with all the anxieties he has absorbed from his clients and employees? If you can name the energy source, it’s much easier to remove.

Anxiety is a normal emotion to feel, but you don’t have to keep it. You can use it to be aware of something isn’t quite right like when you have some pains in your body. If you can’t handle on your own, you can always find some assistance, right? Get massage, acupuncture, herbal remedy, energy healing, etc. I got help from my teacher and a healer friend so many times. Even just taking shower with a lavender soap helps. Lastly but most importantly, ask the God of your Heart for some assistance; God of your heart could be God, Buddha, universe, the source energy, etc. Also, remember the joy of life!