Energy of being alive

So many people eat food with some sort of negative thoughts around it. I shouldn’t be eating this. If I eat this, I gain weights. I need to look good and then have to eat salads. Too fat, too this too that. When I used to use the exercise as my coping mechanism, I somehow inherited that kind of thoughts from the surroundings. Gym is surrounded by mirrors and all what people focused on there is appearances, even though they say they exercise to be healthy. Today, I will share my take on eating and body.

By no means that I’m against the exercise. I think it’s a wonderful way to be healthy and also it releases some energies. I, however, want to point out something people might miss out. When you’re surrounded by the energy all focused on looks, it is difficult not to be part of it. Since we’re always surrounded by energies and most of us are unconscious, it would be impossible to know where the messages are coming from. When I was regularly working out, at first, my goal was clear; I needed to have some coping mechanism while I went through the unfavorable work environment. Because my intension was very specific, I didn’t go through the ups and downs of what people struggle with at first. I didn’t have to struggle with feeling like not wanting to go to the gym. I just had to do in order to alleviate my yucky stress. Eventually, I started to enjoy my workout, so it was double easy to do. So, I did that routine for years.

When I started to question my exercise routine and the gym environment in general was this. One day, I looked at myself in the mirror and hearing myself say, “oh, I have too much fat around my tummy. I don’t look good.” For some reason, I stopped and thought about it. That kind of talk was never in my head before. Then, I located where it was coming from, it was from the gym and the surroundings. After that, I started to be more and more aware. I started to be more aware of my body’s languages. If my body needs so much chiropractic adjustment, what’s going on there? Doing certain workout hurt my feet, and do I want to keep doing that kind of exercise by taping around the feet? I was pretty thick with muscles (and fat over it, too! :)), so my body was much more numb than it is now. The more I paid attention to my body’s languages, I noticed the different kind of energies in the gym: lots of competition energies, judgment, control, etc. I attempted to navigate those kind of energies, but it started to require more cleaning before and after than I could enjoy the actual workout. Again, I’m not saying that gym or exercise is bad. All I’m saying is that there are things we might need to pay more attention.

That’s a side story of my awareness and sensitivity to energies, but here is what I started to recognize lately. Food is becoming some sort of enemies in the society nowadays with the surrounding weight issues and health issues. I want to say that food and eating are the energy of living, the energy of wanting to live. Have you had times when you have no appetite and for the sake of gaining the energy for your body, you had to make extra effort to eat? If you haven’t, you’re spared. I have: not just once, but a few times throughout my life. I have to say that if your body is in the mode of not wanting to eat, that’s almost like your body is checked out from living. When I’m almost out of that mode of eating challenge, I notice the same thoughts in me every time. I so thank you for being able to eat. I appreciate when I get to eat with friends or family. That makes eating and food so much more joy and alive. Even having a small bowl of soup at a tiny family owned restaurant, I’m so thankful for the people who put so much energy and effort to the food and serving me.

I don’t do the diet in general since it takes out my desire to eat food. It’s just the way my body functions. I have to listen to what my body needs and what it is capable of. Some people are required to do some dieting. I feel for that just because of the way I am. In any case, can you take a look at what kind of energies you’re placing upon eating and food? If food doesn’t give you a sense of energy of living, something might be off. Even if you eat all the good and healthy food, it might not be healthy and good as your mind thinks. Listen to what your body needs, and do what works for you. Even if that’s different from what the health magazine says, what’s wrong with taking a good care of your body by using your awareness? The energy you put in your system is much more than just the visible food, so I hope you can bring all the good vibrations into food and eating. By all means, love your body and enjoy the energy of living!