Past life energy – Past life as a physician

I’m sure you’ve heard of past life in many context. Buddhist teaching which I grew up with always has this “past life” words when it talks about good, bad or conscience. My guess is that if you’re reading this blog entry, probably you have had a long soul’s journey and maybe have more than hundred of past lives like I do. You bring all the energies from your past experiences, either this life or from the past lives. Some past lives may have some strong affect in your energy field in your current life, too. Here, I’m going to share my one specific experience with a past life energy which was creating a significant influence in me.

When I decided to be a healer publically and to do the healing work openly in the beginning, I had to do some major clean out in my energy and life in general. While I went one step at a time to overcome my fear of openly doing the unconventional work, I literally cleaned out anything which was contradicting or which might block my healing work. When I looked around the room, I saw a major thing I needed to change; I still had a lots of books and notes from when I was studying as a pre-med. Here is how the energy works; when you’re holding something in the space, say an old stuff which no longer serves for your highest good, there isn’t a space for the new things to come in. So, my goal was to remove all the unsupportive matter which was taking up the space, so the new healing work could come in. It’s no big deal, it’s just books and papers. Physically, easy to clean, but the energy attached to it was quite heavy. It took me some time to remove all, but I did it.

The interesting thing was, though, soon after I cleaned out my old energy from my room, a very unexpected news came in. I happened to find a friend of mine had an auto accident, and he made a decision to amputate his leg. The detailed scene and his status were described in the email, and as I read, I was bombarded by the energy and pains. After that, I was in bed for probably four days, struggling with pains. I’m a very sensitive empath, so that’s one. If I think of it now, the pains were more like emotional and mental. It was unbearable. When I could finally come out of bed, I happened to be able to join the healing clinic where my teacher’s school held every month. There, as a healer friend listened to me and gave me a healing, she noted that there was something about past life and she suggested to ask about it to my teacher. She also noticed that my hands were heated, hot. I’m a healer, and my hands get warm when I do healing; however, I noticed the heat was beyond that degree. So, the following week, I requested my teacher for a spiritual healing session.

As I described the summary of the situation, my teacher saw a past life in which I was a physician in a battle field. It was very early stage of medical history, so there was no anesthetic medication. So, all the operation was done in the old fashion way. There were hundreds of injured bodies after bodies, screaming in pains. In that past life, I was doing my best to provide help, but my best was never enough. The emotion of not being able to do enough and pains were unbearable. Also, the climate there was so hot, and it made the scene more miserable. After my teacher saw that life time, she gave me a healing to remove that past life energy from my body. I remember I was walking zigzag after the healing. It still took me for a while to settle down with all the energetic change, but after a while, I could visit my friend in the rehab. It wasn’t easy to see someone injured, but I could manage.

To give you more back ground, I gave up on going to a medical school a few years earlier. Still, I don’t think I could totally let it go. There was a strong pull toward medicine; however, at the same time, I had a troublesome problem for it. I had problems with pains. Well, I don’t like pains myself, but I just couldn’t stand people who were in pain, especially in physical pains. So, of course, I hardly ever go to the hospitals. When I was in the emergency room once long ago, I saw a boy who injured his leg. I saw his white bone sticking out, surrounded by the bright red blood. I held my head in pain and needed to get out of there badly. So, I might have been able to mange the academic materials, but it could have been a very hard environment for me to be in the medicine for sure.

I believe that I needed to remove that energy in order to do my healing work. Even if I don’t practice Western medicine, someone would bring the energy to trigger my past life energy. So, as much as I don’t even want to remember how rough to go through the experience, I’m grateful that it’s no longer in my energy field.

Not all the past lives have strong affect on you now. However, if you feel it might help whatever in your case, you can look into exploring your past lives. There are many ways you can go around. Some people do by their own meditation. Some do the past life regression therapy, or go to healers. Sometimes a certain event occurs to help you bring up your past life energies to the surface.The universe is always taking a good care of you and gives you what you can handle. In any case, don’t suffer alone if you’re in pain. There is always help you can find.