Energy of Competition

I used to be very competitive. Competition has many forms but in my case, I was always competing with myself yesterday. I never thought it was something I needed to be aware. When I first started to have some awareness of spirituality, or rather non-visible matter, the first energy I witnessed was the competition energy. I probably wrote about being a gym goer before. As much as I had so many annoying experiences and even had bunch of aggressive treatments by some, my joy of moving my body was so important. Though, the more I got sensitive and my awareness expanded, I noticed that my back started to hurt every time I went to the gym. It’s where the back of the heart chakra is, in-between shoulder blades. By then, I started to learn a meditation technique to clear aura and other’s energies. So, I also noticed that as soon as I meditated in the car, that pain got softer. That was my first awareness of competition energy.

When I was learning about meditation, healings and clairvoyant readings, my teacher always had the topic of competition energy. At first, I didn’t get it that well, but as I do more healings and readings, also witnessing how students learn to read, I definitely know that competition energy is very much antagonist of spirituality and healing. If it was a love and light energy, back of my heart chakra wouldn’t hurt to start with.

Competition energy comes in different forms. Jealousy, feeling inferior or superior, winning or losing, any thoughts of comparison to others and so forth. It sounds simple but it’s quite deep. It has many layers. At first, I realized that I didn’t like to be in the competitive environment because it was really hard for my system. When women gather together and start gossiping, I just slowly pull myself out of it. I would avoid places where the competition energy gathers up. That was my reaction to the competition energy. Then, I started to question why I still want to compete with myself when I don’t like the competition energy to start with. So, I got more and more aware of it and started to remove that part of me. Since I don’t like competition energy, even if one doesn’t say or do anything, I would notice if he/she has a competition energy in the energy field. As soon as I enter their energy field, I start hearing or sensing the hard energy. But, you know, it’s not like you can remove such conditioned energy in one day. It takes the person’s willingness to change, too.

Today, I had an interesting experience. I had an interview and along the line, the conversation touched about the others who are/were also interviewing. The interesting part was that I couldn’t shake my head off from myself comparing. I tried my best to remove all my competitive energy after that. Still, I just couldn’t get off from the thoughts repeating. Then, after a long while, I realized that it wasn’t my competition energy but it was theirs. Oh boy, of course! Then the approach is different. As soon as I cleaned out the other’s energy from my aura and body, my head was back to normal. I should know it by now, but when things are too close, too hot around myself, I forget the basics. I forget that sometimes energies show up in thoughts. Also, if my thoughts get repetitive or uncontrollable, something else is in my energy field. I guess I haven’t had enough practice on this type.

Today’s entry is sort of jambalaya, but here is one thing you might ponder. The universe has everything possible for everybody. It’s never scarce. Then, why do we need to compete? Some people strongly state that competition brings good in them to challenge themselves. I hear what they’re saying, but I feel that we don’t have to. Wouldn’t it be inspired rather than competition? Without it, we can bring good in us because all we need is to shift our thoughts. We can always bring anything we want regardless of others. So, I would like you to explore the energy of competition inside. Competition keeps us apart. If it is not 100% love and light, what do you want to do then? I’ll leave it up to you from here.