The Effect of Changing Ourselves

Even if you’re not big on the spiritual learning, you hear often enough that all we can change is ourselves. That’s so true. We have this earth plane to learn lessons and clear the old, charged energies from us. It’s simple but not easy necessarily. The thing is that it’s easier to see in others because you are not in their bodies to experience all the emotions and energies. So, the easiest thing to do is to tell people what to do or try to change others with maybe in good intensions. The thing is, though, we really don’t know what is best for others because we don’t know their karmic situations and their lessons to learn. If we provide help, we are taking away the opportunity to remove the deep buried energies, clear karmic due, or to learn the lessons for this life time. That means, we probably would create a karmic due to those whom you take away their opportunities. Hard to think that way, but it is so true.

All we are here for is to do the work on ourselves, not for others. I’m sure you might heard that sort of thing here and there. This was really hard thing for me since all I used to do was a negative clearing house. So, I would clean up the negative energies from the surroundings unconsciously. The consequence is that I would get really sick or get down to darkness. Well, if you absorb others’ darkness, it would be amazing if you didn’t get dark. I now know that’s called empath healing. I really don’t recommend it that way of healing because there is no guarantee you can remove all you have absorbed.

Working on ourselves, healing ourselves, changing ourselves sounds like an idea, but it almost doesn’t seem to look like a great thing for the universe, does it? If you’re making some effect on others by changing others, it feels so much valuable in some sort. However, the effect of changing ourselves is much more than you know and you think. When you change yourselves, when you evolve spiritually, your surrounding is influenced. They have to change either to the opposite or coming right along your spiritual evolution. It’s probably more significant than when we try to make a change in others. I will give you an example.

I have an older sister who is 12 years older than I am. I grew up being a little one in the family, so I really didn’t get to say things. Until recent years, I didn’t really state my opinion to my sister just because it wasn’t the way we grew up. As I started to learn about spirituality and healing, I’ve made some shift in me. The more my willingness to be a healer, my will to communicate and share what I know get stronger. So, I’ve been sharing my experiences with her. I remember when I offered healing to her before, she would sometimes say, no thanks. It’s free will, so even if it would help her, she didn’t take it sometimes. As I shared my experiences, sharing the experiences of healing and reading our mom, giving her healing and reading once in a very while, she started to shift. I didn’t expect that to be honest, but by now, she would trust me more than her physician.

The theme of healing my sister is to have her see and learn how to take care of herself before everybody else. That sounds like a familiar theme in my world, too, but in her case, she has a lot on her shoulders per her family and cultural environment. So, as I do healing every time, I keep reminding her to listen to her Higher Self, not the bodily self. What’s really good for her highest purpose? What’s her body really need? So, every time she gets physically ill, I remind her to communicate and learn to listen to her body’s signal instead of going with her habitual, programmed thoughts and behaviors. Of course, with love and neutrality. No judgment at all involved. For, if she can do it so easily, she would be doing it by now. So, she is still in her journey of deprogramming herself and learn to take care of herself first, like the rest of us are doing.

She has a friend who developed a tumor in her throat. When I heard of her last time, I started coughing, shivering, feeling ill. This is pretty much my life; I literally sense, see, get others energies with additional information. So, I told my sister what I saw and sensed about this friend. I also mentioned to my sister that she could let her know that she was welcomed to contact me if she would be willing to try healing. I would be surprised if this person did say, “yes, I would try healing!” I also mentioned to my sister that she could maybe share her experiences through my healings and her spiritual growth. Of course, without judgment and coming from the neutral and loving space.

Today, she told me that she actually mentioned about my healing to her friend which was a big surprise for me. It takes some guts to mention about these non-visible stuff to someone who might not be aware. She told her to take good care of herself and listen to her body instead of going with her brain and emotions. The interesting thing was that as my sister talked about this friend this time, I did sense the big energy block in her throat of course, but I didn’t see or get the overwhelming energies hovering around her like last time. My sixth sensory matter could be on the pre-Thanksgiving break, but I doubt it. I believe my sister’s talk spoke to this lady’s spirit self and she shifted something about herself. That’s powerful. I was Wowed by it. That itself tells me that my sister is in the right path for her spiritual path and she is working on herself no matter how invisible or what pace it might be. Also, her shifting herself is shifting her surroundings. That’s amazing!! Wow, yesh!

So, I would like to remind you the power of changing and healing yourself. It really does shift the universe, one at a time with ripple effect!