Thank Your Enemy?

Since I started to acknowledge my spiritual awareness, there were many times I wanted to scream. “This is not what I have signed up for!!” The thing is that unlike the new age books and some light workers state, it’s not all “positive” after you started to be aware. I was sharing with my teacher that my expectation of people who have awareness and the reality were two different things. I thought when you start walking through the sixth sensory path, everybody would know what I was experiencing. Though, again as I say many times, the awareness levels vary. My teacher said that some spiritualists sugar coat poops. It’s so true. Positives help but unless you deal with your darkness, the dichotomy and remove the unsupportive energies out of you, your vibration is not going to be shifted. Sugar on the poops.

Every time I had the heavy duty spiritual growth, my experiences through them were never easy. Sometimes, I was physically on the edge; sometimes I was emotionally on the edge or both. Other things surrounding us don’t make it easy either. There are many energies and spirits that would take that opportunity to make things worse. Every time I asked for help from my teacher, once in a while, she reminded me to “thank your enemy.” I have a gifted healer friend who used to tell me, “take this as a gift.”

So this is not the Christian based statement to clarify. It’s not that if we thank enemy, things will go better. The fact is that people who bring in hard energy into your life are just the carrier of that specific energy. For instance, let’s say you have a control issue. To be more specific, you hate it if someone is very controlling around you. When you have a strong reaction to someone or some energy, there is a reason for that. It might be either you had some strong childhood experience or in your past, or you had such in your past lives. So, you react strongly while other people might not react as strongly as you do. Now, here is someone who brings in the energy of control. You start to react; your old energy, old wounds started to come to the surface. So, the experience from it is never easy. However, the reason this “someone” brought this energy of control is so that you could remove that buried energy from your energetic field. Hence, “thank your enemy.”

I can never thank my enemy while I’m in the middle of a deep spiritual growth experience. I mean, I’m not a light being who doesn’t have a physical body. I do feel pains in my body and energetically. So, all I want to do is to be done with it and I’m worked up to remove whatever is happening. However, whatever long the experience lasts, after it’s over, I definitely feel the shift in my energy field. That’s what I call, shifting the vibration or vibration is shifted to the higher vibration than before. So, even if I have no space for thanking the enemy who seem to be creating the stuff on me, I do appreciate them afterwards for bringing up that energy to me so I could remove whatever I have locked up deeply in my energy field. It’s all about knowing and seeing the bigger picture than what’s currently happening.

Currently, I had to shift my life style from serenity and healing orientation to the surroundings of opposite end. I keep asking my Higher Self and Supreme Being if this is indeed helping me in the bigger picture. All I want is to create an abundance in the all area of my life and grow my healing and spiritual work. What was brought to me was the least I was shooting for, and every time I ask if they’re sure, I get the same message every time. I have a limited vision since I have a physical body, but I decided to trust my spirit self is bringing all the possibilities, which I can’t see, into my life. So, all I can do at this point is I’m willing to trust the process, but you (Supreme Being) gotta help me here since it’s not easy!! Maybe along the line, I can look back and thank the enemy. But, at this point, I’m no way saint about the abrupt change and energies. Being a healer and spiritual don’t mean perfect, so I’m right along side of your spiritual journey.

So, when you bump into the unwanted stuff in life, small or big, you can also try to see the bigger picture behind it. You can bring up the questions. What does this trying to teach? What is it that is making it so hard and bringing up the resistance in me? What is the pain? The more you look into yourself and remove what’s not for your highest good, you and your life shift. The shift might be subtle but certain.