Being Neutral

Neutrality is one of the key qualities to be a healer and working on the spiritual path. I don’t know if you have met someone who is absolutely neutral about everything. They’re as if there is nothing to be pushed or even if you did push something, your push never comes back with a hard bounce from them. Someone like Eckhart Tolle is in that category. When I was younger, I probably saw it as no guts inside or no balls in them (pardon my phrasing). Now I know that’s the neutrality which is an essential quality to teach and practice spirituality.

You see, there is no one like you. Each of us has a different vibration in our energy fields, unique life lessons to learn, and unique karma. So, no matter how odd, horrible, wrong, bad it may seem in your eyes, you can never know if it is as you see it. For instance, let’s say I have certain physical traits which bring up some assumptions and judgments from others whether it’s good or bad. Unless I’m neutral, every time someone approaches me accordingly to their assumptions, I will be reacting, confronting, or justifying. It doesn’t sound bad since it is your own good to stand up for yourself, right? However, when you’re reacting, you’re giving that energy to control you. It’s nothing to do with the actual truth of you when someone is throwing assumptions at you. It is not your job to “fix” that person’s mistaken views since you’re not asked to heal them or teach them, either. It is their responsibility to learn and evolve, but in their own speed. So, being neutral is to see what they are throwing at you, i.e. accept wherever they’re at as they are in the spiritual level, acknowledge if it’s true to you or not, but let it pass through you without affecting you at all. You may then decide if you want to respond or just let it pass is all you need.

I don’t know about you, but neutrality is a life long learning. Although people seem to perceive me as calm, quiet and gentle, I do get light up when people throw their charged assumptions at me. I used to confront and make them understand till they do. That’s a lot of energy expenditure. When I started to be more and more aware, this part of me was not aligning with my true self. So, even before I started to learn about the importance of the neutrality, I started to pull myself out of aggression, competition, confrontation, and all the harsh communication style. Communication doesn’t have to be harsh or hard. Sort of like how Gandhi communicated through his life.

Unless you’re neutral, how would you be able to see and assist others’ spiritual journey? Of course, it’s not easy. You becoming neutral doesn’t make others neutral. So, the challenges and lessons around it is always there everyday. Of course, you get light up. However, you work on what’s stirring up inside of you; yet, pass all the charged energies from others through you. Then, be neutral to the person whatever your response might be. That’s so many folds more forward moving in your spiritual evolution than trying to dissolve the energy by hitting that energy. Never act upon it when you’re charged is the key. Too hard? Don’t worry. You have plenty time to practice!