5th Chakra – Your Expression

I see many people are working on the 5th chakra lately including myself. 5th chakra is deep. It resides in the throat area, so it relates to your speaking and creative expression. People who do the creative work like artists, writers, and speakers have active 5th chakra as you can imagine. Though, it doesn’t mean that just because someone is very creative and expressive, he/she has a clear 5th chakra. Speaking of truth, inner hearing, clairaudience, communication, all involved with 5th chakra.

For me who is an empath, the 5th chakra is very tricky. I have a huge 4th chakra which gets in the way of speaking of my truth. It’s one thing to be able to understand where others are coming from, but when it comes to speaking of my truth while seeing other’s matter, it takes a lot of effort. There are others who are completely opposite, too. They have no problem saying their needs but they wouldn’t care how that affects others. Or I should say that they are not aware how it affects others and themselves. I’ve seen both types while doing the healing and reading. Both have gifts and drawbacks.

When you speak, it’s very important to speak from the neutral space. I remember when I was learning to read, other classmate spoke from her pain picture and she didn’t see where I was coming from. Energetically, it scarred my energy field and it took me for a while to recover from it. Maybe you might not see in such detail, but that’s a possible energetic effect your speaking might make on others. Someone who is opposite like me, the effort has to be on speaking  your truth more than working on self before speaking.

The other day, I heard that my coworker uses terms “stupid.” It was meant to be a joke, but I didn’t miss that term. It doesn’t matter the content, but some word itself has a lower vibration. Why do you want to have fun and have some amusement by using the lower vibration terms? Before I was aware, of course, I used those terms. Now, I actually see and feel the energy of the words even, I try my best not to use the lower vibrating terms. The 5th chakra meant to be a beautiful creative expression chakra, and everyone can do such.

Your expression is important but also how it is expressed is way more important. When you have anger, do you want to keep yelling and screaming to let it out? It might sound like an idea, but the aggressive expression feeds itself. Writing it down and burn it instead, so the energy won’t come back at you or reach to others. Remember your 5th chakra is right above your 4th, heart chakra. There is a reason for that. When you speak, checking with your heart, communicating with your heart is also important. There is a reason all the chakras are connected to each other.

If you feel that your expression is rather hurtful, work on your 4th chakra as well. Your heart chakra is filled with pains. If you feel that your speaking of truth is blocked, again work on your heart chakra as well. Your heart chakra is working too hard for others and not for yourself. Your heart chakra is the affinity to “self” first and to others. You come first. For those who suffer some thyroid or throat problems, take a look at your expressions. You can work with your physicians but also you can shift your energy internally so the problems won’t come back again in the future.

I don’t know about you but I want to speak with energy of love as much as I can. Love is the highest vibration energy. It heals you and others as well. Can you hear the vibration of your expression? I hope it’s a loving vibration.