5th Chakra – Communication between You and Your Spirit Self

This is a continuation of the 5th chakra topic. When you say communication, you think of communication with others. We tend to forget that the  communication with you and your spirit self (Higher Self) is so essential. Even though I constantly meditate and communicate with my spirit self, sometimes my bodily self doesn’t get the message clearly. Or even if I sort of hear it, I might have a huge resistance and don’t want to get it.

I left a tech job about three years ago. I hated the environment, hated everything and so did everybody who were there. Being an empath, working in the environment where people are negative and unhappy is beyond hard. My energy was leaving from me everyday to heal others. Of course, I was doing the empath healing back then. I don’t really like to give up no matter what the circumstances, so my initial response to the work was trying to do my best to hang on. The turn over was incredible at that place. When I started to have a severe migraine lasting for one week, I decided to take a risk to just cut that work from my life. After that, I decided that I would never go back to tech work or similar environment ever. Besides, I was shooting for a med school before I started to merge into the tech environment. Why not do the healing work only which is aligned to me? Since then, all my focus has been to work on clearing my energy, learning to be a powerful healer.

Toward the end of this year, the strange thing started to come into my life. The invitation to a tech project from very unexpected source came along. If this was last year, I probably would have dissed it. However, since I’ve done so much learning and spiritual growth, I had to take a look at what this means. To be short, I now am back to the tech job which has all the qualities I decided not to do ever three years ago. So, this is not the stuff my bodily self is bringing into my life of course. I was sensitive before but now I’m super sensitive with all the spiritual work I’ve done for myself. All my respect to the people who do the tech work, there are very strong energies coming through the technology like, say computer. I’ve been very aware, and because of that, I didn’t even use too much computer nowadays.

What a heck happened? It took me many many times of healing on myself and receiving healing from others, and I could finally settled down in the painful environment. It looks like my spirit self has a bigger plan than what I can think of. Ever since this shift started to happen, I’ve been in the serious communication with my Higher Self. All I get from her is this is for my highest good. Although I’m very patient most of the part and very understanding of how the life’s lessons go, I was like “Let me out of here! Let me out of here! Why?!” What happened with the law of attraction in which I’ve been setting my intension up for a while for healing work? Anyway, as much as I would rather not to go through this, this is to learn about all sorts of different energies which I would not be able to meet otherwise. So, it’s been very intense.

Sometimes, life brings or I should say your spirit self brings stuff you don’t expect to see. If it’s a pleasant surprise, that’s cool. If not, I’m sure you’d want to fight or flight and resist till it goes away. When it happens, ask you as spirit. What’s his/her plan? Well, if the pain is too big and your bodily self doesn’t want to hear or can’t hear the message like my case, you have all the help you can ask for. You can ask for trusting spiritual teacher/healer, intuitive astrologer, clairvoyant reader and so forth. Then, keep communicating with your spirit self. When the pains and fog are out, what you couldn’t see before may make sense now. Always communicate within you. It’s the straight up right communication. I tell you that when I complete this task environment, I know for sure that I would be much more powerful spiritual healer and spiritual leader. No doubt. So, I wonder what’s the gifts in your lesson now? Don’t forget some amusement!