Removing the Old and Bringing the New

The year 2013 is almost closing and the new year 2014 is right at the door. When I look back, this year 2013 went so fast. Toward the end of the last year 2012, with the Mayan calendar topic, they said that the time was speeding up. I didn’t feel that much for the 2012, but I sure do the year 2013. I wonder how the new year 2014 is going to be? Faster? Yikes! I decided to start a new ritual around the new year: removing the old and bringing the new.

I’m not a Feng Shui specialist, but I believe the basic principle of Feng Shui is removing the matter which is not serving for your highest good, so there will be a space for the new and currently suitable matter to come in. I’m a firm believer on that principle. If I think of it, I started out this year 2013 by removing the old stuff which were not up to date of my vibration. We tend to wait the stuff we want to come first, but they’re saying that it’s the reverse. You have to make a space for the new, good stuff. This is a perfect principle to apply for the closing of this year and welcoming the new year.

December is hectic, but I decided that I would do my best to remove all the old stuff before the new year arrives. The first one to get done was closing the gym membership. I went back and forth about it since I’ve been a gym goer for over a decade. I’m thinking of needing to do some physical activities, so I could use the gym. However, I haven’t been using these gyms because the vibration there is too hard for me now after working on my spirituality and healing. So, I decided to remove it out of my life and I will bring a new physical activities in the new year. I will find the studio or something which is suited for my current vibration next year. It’s funny how our energies get attached to things which aren’t even serving us. The important point here is to remove the energy attached to the stuff which is not serving us any more.

I went through the food cabinet and sink cabinet to remove stuff. These feel like small things, but you never know till you try. The energetic consequence always surprises me. While I was skimming through the areas I might be able to lighten up, I realized that there are still stuff from my previous life style. Yikes! How did I miss that. As soon as I saw stuff in my mind’s eyes, unlike dumping the stuff from the food cabinet, these stuff made a crunch in my chest. That’s a pretty good indicator of my energy being attached to the stuff. So, I’m committed to remove those before this year ends. The more space for the new energies to come in!

Celebrating the end of the year and holidays is cool, but how about doing the little prep work for the new year? What kind of new energies do you want to bring in for the new year? Is there energetic space for the new stuff? Space is really important. If there isn’t any, even if it’s good for you can’t come in. Add the ‘removing the old energies’ to your list, so your new year’s resolution has a space to take place!