Beauty of the Healing Process

Happy New Year! Wish your 2014 is filled with joy, love, abundance and amusement!

Today, I want to share the beautiful healing process I witnessed first thing this year through my sister. I opened up the new year by greeting my sister who lives thousands of miles away. I wanted to deliver the new year’s greeting with her. She was in the middle of the beautiful new year’s meal she prepared for her family. I didn’t want to interrupt the meal time, but something insisted to keep talking. Within a minute, I started to do the energy reading of my sister without much intension on my part. It must have been the right timing with the strong energy surfacing in her part.

To give you a little background, my sister has a very deep longing to be accepted and loved since she was little. The thing is that no matter where she goes, she can’t get what she wishes for. I mean, we, human in general, want to be loved and accepted. That’s the basic needs we all have. If we don’t get that, we try hard to get it. My sister’s hardest lesson in this life time is about this. I knew since I was young, but I wasn’t a healer growing up. Last couple of years, as I share my gift with my sister, she started to be more and more aware and accept the healing. The thing about reading or healing is that if the receiver is not wiling to accept, no matter what the surface says, nothing will go in.

I shared what I saw in her house where the energy of the family lineage was sitting strongly around this time of the year. I saw the energy wasn’t in her favor. However, it’s not their house any more since they don’t have their bodies, so I was telling her if she wanted a house healing in the future for her, not for the family but for herself, to tell me. That was the first message I wanted to give. As soon as I said that, I felt the stabbing energy deep inside of the clavicles. I asked her if she has pains around there, but she didn’t. However, I knew it was her. So, I started to read that energy deep inside of the clavicles.  

It was clear that she needed to tell her truth whenever needed and to whomever. It is not that being honest about everything and telling all she thinks, but it was more to do with her truth, that needs to be expressed. I don’t know what her thoughts on that at that time, but she paused for a while and then asked if she needed to concern about the outcome. My answer was simple: no. The response is just a souvenir. The response of others is independent of theirs. Her action is not responsible for the other’s response. She can’t evaluate her value depending on other’s response because it is distorted by their own pains and energies. The importance is to express her truth, that action itself, so the stagnant energy around the clavicles can be released.

There was a long pause. Then, she said, “hearing that lifted my burden.” She told me that it took her almost 60 years to realize this. She also told me that she understood that we are not here to do the great things but are here to learn our lessons and clear the energies in us. You know? If it is an easy lesson and easy energy to remove, it is gone long ago. She deserves a big pat on her shoulder on this, I have to say. She doesn’t have to carry over the same, hard energy again for the next life time. She can just keep working on removing that in this life time.

I can’t describe what I saw there. The energy around the clavicle got dispersed almost. It was lighter and clearer than air with a beautiful golden light. I know she still has lots of release to do, but it was such a beautiful process I witnessed. I’m honored to witness her healing process. She is doing a hard work!

Seeing how my sister heal throughout the years, it makes me feel how wonderful to have such opportunities to witness others heal. There are times I feel painful about, but I’m glad to be a healer. We can all heal, no doubt. Healing starts from our intension and with the right help.