I’m sure all of us have some sort of experience in conflicts. When two opponent views collide, often it might result as a conflict. When I was young, well… when I was still unaware, I would confront and face the opponent like a primitive warrior might have done. Besides, my appearance is not a hard one, so I made a point by doing such action before. It was probably needed for my learning and experience, but that’s not the way I want to proceed any more. It made me think about conflicts a lot lately because I’m surrounded by huge conflicts at work. So, I want to share some of my learning around it.

Conflict is not easy because it brings up emotions in both sides. Often, it might be hard to cool your head enough to carry on the civilized solution at a moment. Especially, someone like me who has a short fuse around the aggressive energies, it’s very challenging. Sometimes, when I’m surrounded by the aggressive, conflicting energies, typically among male energies, I feel like I want to hit something/someone. Then, I know that other’s aggressive energies, male energies are coming into my space because normally, I really like serenity and silent strength style like Gandhi. At least, I don’t think I chose this life time to be a primitive warrior. What do I do then? I go to the restroom and clean out my energy field as much as possible. I normally don’t speak too soon when too much blood is in my head because once the words are expressed, it is such a strong energy shot to the receiving person.

As I observe the conflicts at work, I started to see some reasons for the conflicts. We all have different views, right? Even if we’re living in the US, the cultural background are all different. Even in the same cultural background, we all are different individuals with different personalities. Our background is different, how we’re raised is different, our experience in life is different. Most importantly and most invisibly, we all have different life lessons to be learnt in this life time. So, there is no way, we think the same, act the same. The problem is that we assume that our way or high way. We assume that others would think and understand the way we carry things. So, the expectation has to go. The judgment of others not doing things or good/bad needs to go.

The most important part is the willingness to communicate. The communication doesn’t mean you just keep repeating the same thing over and over. Learning about others, how they think, why they think so, therefore they act, behave this or that. Without knowing the opponent, even saying the same thing means different. Could we do that? I think it’s possible as long as the core of all in us is unity.

Here are some of my daily challenges at work, so it might help you as well. When others throw you their perceived notion of who you are, whether it’s true or not, let it pass through you without holding that energy in your space or resisting it. If someone lights you up, ground it and try to remove the energy in your space which is lighting up. Others are there to help you find the energy not serving you for your highest good so to speak (I know it doesn’t feel that way when it happens but it is so). I wrote a blog post called “Thank your enemy?” which might help you as well. Most importantly, give lots of love to yourself. If it’s too hard, there are energy healers/spiritual healers for that. Get help, get insight!

Nothing is concrete and there is always hope in any matters. So, don’t forget your amusement and joy of life!