Fortune Cookie

Lately, I can see a little bit of a near future matter. That sounds like a big deal, but it’s more of seeing and knowing if things happen as they say. I have a policy that I don’t do the fortune cookie service. What I mean by it is that I don’t intend to answer the questions asking about people’s future. I believe that all of us are capable of negotiating our path every step of way. Every second, every minute, our decision changes the direction of our paths and so does outcomes. Though, this knowing something to happen, not happen can be sometimes beneficial, too. So, I’m learning how I can use this for the highest good of all.

My left brain work place is going to move to the new location. Though, this is the second weekend they said they would move, but it didn’t happen. The funny thing is that when I first heard that they could move once they put something in place, my neck leaned to the side with a big question mark. I could see something bigger than what they were noting about, blocking the pathway. It ended up my seeing the big blockage was quite accurate and they didn’t move because of that. Now, so called the big blockage was clear, they said they could move this weekend. Now again, my neck went question mark. I just didn’t see it was going to happen. Ended up, my sense was right.

This is quite interesting since my sense has been bulls eye on this. The reason I’m saying this is that there were quite a few times I got some senses this and that about a future, but often they were not the case. For instance, I sensed that someone wouldn’t show, but that person showed later. So, I just concluded that my future sense were not countable. Maybe it is something to do with the future matter is still changing from the time I see. Is it then because this is an organization, so it doesn’t change as easily as individuals? I don’t know. Anyway, I just stopped listening to the words I hear but decided to count on my senses about this left brain work. Otherwise, I’ll be thrown from right to left everyday.

What I want to say on this post really is that our future is changeable. Even if you’re making your way to death bed by doing all the wrong matters, you can always shift your path. You never know until things actually occur. Anything is possible. I’m sure sometimes it’s tempting to seek for some psychic to tell your future, and I don’t blame you for that. I was seeking for an answer once and I wanted to hear it from the intuitives. In my case though, answer was never given to me and I was always directed to seek the answer within. I’m glad that I didn’t bump into a psychic who would actually tell me this and that. That would have programmed me big time. Well, actually I met a healer who told me that I should take a medication within two months, and I never came back for that healer.

Yes, future is within you. You are the co-creater of your path and future. So, live your life fully and if you have any regret, it’s never too late to change. Work with healers, spiritual workers who would not program you but rather assist your journey and grant your free will. It’s your own life. Have a wonderful life journey!