Early Life Conditioning – Programming

I’m sure we can all agree that childhood experiences have influenced who we are today to some degree. I want to add that it is not only childhood experiences but also even before birth that has a huge impact on who we are. In the system I use, we often call this as ‘programming.’ I thought I would write about it since I’m definitely working on my early childhood and pre-birth programming currently.

The interesting thing is that the current work I started a couple of months ago seems to bring me back to the early childhood. It sounds strange since I was born in Japan and here is US. The reason I started to think I’m re-visiting the early life experiences is that I feel like I’m back to when I was a child lately. A little more explanation on my make up is that since I moved to the US about 20 years ago, I haven’t used the Japanese language for a long time. It’s only three years ago when I had to use the language for work. It’s a long story, but I think I probably have been separating the energies of two cultures by not using the one language. The current work involves with the Japanese language again, and I tell you it’s beyond a brain torn. When you speak a language which you’re born in, your behavior comes with that language. Language is not just words but it’s based on culture so to speak. Lately, I’m not sure who I am often, and I know it’s because I have to be in the Japanese language and cultural energy space.

Also, there are lots of strong energy conflicts, aggression, competition and anger at my current work space, and guess what? I think that’s the environment I spent my first decade after birth. My family had a lot of conflicts, anger, competition and aggression, even when I was in my mom’s womb. Strangely and sure enough, I’m often brought back to how I spent my childhood in my current work environment. I tell you that it’s so not easy. I often get my head blank white. If I wasn’t an intuitive or a healer, I would have left this work environment in one week. For, part of me knows that I as a spirit brought me into this environment, so I can remove the programming. Again, it’s so not easy!! Healer doesn’t mean I’m spared from these. But then again, if I didn’t experience such myself, how could I share and heal others who go through such? Well, that’s my spirit self telling me while my physical body bitches and moans.

The indication of the programming is when you react to the certain stimuli. It sounds like a psychology principle, but it’s a lot more than that. Finding the programming is important for your healing and freedom. Finding where that programming is stored, so you can remove it is important. When you’re in the situation in which your programming have you react, highly likely there is also some pain or discomfort. When you’re situated to such environment, I know it’s not easy but think that it’s helping you to remove something which is not serving for your highest good. in the end, hopefully you can be much closer to your true self and your freedom from the physical prison.

What is your programming? Do you see it? Oh, you have to remember to have lots of amusement when you work on your programming!