Lessons and learning

I’m sure you’ve heard of some spiritualists or healers say, we’re here to clear karma and learn the lessons or some sort. The question is, do you really know what they’re talking about? Do they really know what they’re talking about? Saying is one thing because it’s true; knowing is another. So, I thought I would share what I’m experiencing currently as my lesson and learning.

Until recently, I thought I knew what I was talking about when they say, we’re here to learn lessons. I think we all know to a certain degree. I didn’t know this “lesson” is so hard. Here is the deal; each person has different lessons to learn from the specific life times. Why? Because each one has different past experiences, i.e. past lives they went through. None of us had a same experiences through a same life time. So, of course the lesson created or left over from the past differs, right?

I mentioned in the earlier blogs that I took a position which I felt that the universe has presented it to me out of the blue. Knowing that it wasn’t what I actually visualized for myself, I resisted it big time. I still resist it from time to time when things hit me and light me up. The thing is that, even though it doesn’t make sense to me, I always get “I meant to be in this environment.” So, I resist, bitch and moan from the time to time, I also know that this must be something I have to go through in order to learn something for my next step. That’s how I operate my life as a spiritually intuitive healer. I’m no Dalai Lama, so I struggle through it daily.

This is what I gathered so far from what I’m experiencing. I grew up in a society which is a male dominant society, I would call. However, I left to move to the US twenty years ago. Unlike many of the immigrants from there, I somehow got disconnected from my original country I grew up in. I was a late child, so my family wasn’t a tech savvy people. So, along the line, I got tired of making an effort to connect with them who still live there while they made no effort on their part. Plus, all I seemed to be getting was discouragements every time I connected with them. (Obviously, I was young spiritually, too…..) To be short, for the most of my twenty years, I didn’t speak the language I grew up with, not by choice, but I was just too busy trying to survive in the new society. What happened was, in those 20 years, I learned the completely new perspectives because I didn’t have my other part of the culture coming in to interfere. I bumped into many things like a toddler might have done, but have learned things from that. So, I’m kind of a strange hybrid who can see two views, but not really attached to either of them. 

The gift from this is that it gave me the different dimensions to see things. If my current job was brought to me to use my gift or talent, it’s another story. But, I don’t think it was so. I think it is for me to learn the lessons and remove the old programming I still carry on from where I grew up. I now work with people who carry the strong conditioning from the society I grew up with and this job involves with people from there. It’s beyond dealing with two languages which I’m not used to doing it. It’s more to do with me getting lit up all the time whenever the cultural energy, male dominancy, all the others stuff come in. Every day, I have to deal with what I haven’t dealt with so intensively for the past twenty years, either it was my choice or not. It’s so hard really. I feel like I’m trapped in the strange space where I don’t even know where it is.

What’s the point of being in the environment where it’s so hard for me? This is where the “lesson” topic I’m referring to. We go through the life lessons which we, as a soul, planned to go through. At certain point of life, there are check points it seems where your process of learning lessons would be checked. So, if you’re doing great, hopefully you are, maybe the check point energy won’t cut the curve to dump the massive hard lessons you still need to clear. I’m still going through this check point, so I can’t say I didn’t do or did do ok till this point. But, for sure, it’s intense. What happens if I run out of this environment? Highly likely, my next check point would be harder, and I don’t think I would like a senior moment of massive hard lessons. So, I bitch and moan still, but once in a while, I have a glimpse of enlightenment and say, “I take this as a gift and I’m going to clear all my resistance and stuck energies surfacing from this!”

This is not to say that you should pick the hardest path in life to learn lessons because each person really has a different path planned. However, if you ever keep bumping into the same pattern or the same kind of environment, maybe it’s time for you to stop and think. What is it I’m supposed to get from this? What haven’t I dealt with yet? Is this a completely wrong space for me to be in or is it where I meant to be in? Things really happen for reasons. Nothing is by accident no matter how it may appear. So, it’s all up to you to learn and evolve. If you’re in the hard lesson now, think how it is helping you to remove the old trapped energies from your energy field. You’ll be much lighter when you get out of it. Always remember the amusement especially when life gets hard! 🙂