When you observe kids, they are all about immediate gratification. They want things now and can’t wait. As we grow up, we learn the concept of patience. That’s what we think we have as adults, but I don’t think we’re too different from kids. When we want something in life, we make intentions, we do this and that, so that we can have the changed life right now. I possess patience on certain things, but I don’t find myself patient to see the results. Lots of times, time is a whole different subject matter. Lots of times, the results of your intention and actions are not immediate.

Sure. You want to wash dishes to make the kitchen clean, it shall get done by doing such. When you deal with more bigger, invisible concept to be shifted, it doesn’t work like that. Ok, I’ll take it back. It works like that but a whole lot more involved with what we, souls with physical bodies, can’t even see. I looked at some people whose intentions came through as results and often wonder what I’m doing wrong. Well, comparison isn’t a good thing to start with. Nothing is wrong and it is just right. Timing is not something we can ever see for real. Some might try to sell a house and doing so and so, but never sell. Some put the house on the list and sell in two weeks. What’s up with this picture? It’s not black and white. It’s not a math equation or logic to plug in numbers and get the same answer all the time. We all have different life path to experience and timeline is also unique to each.

I’ve been working on bringing what I intend to do for the last couple of years. When I hoped to see the result showing up, what came in was such a hard lessons and work to go through. Clearing one brings much deeper energy to go through. I don’t know how many times I just want to give up and stop. Every time I ask my higher self or supreme being, I get “I’m in the right path.” The other day when I was meditating, the message was clear. “The result is not going to be immediate.” It made me want to curl up and cry.

I have a beautiful oracle card deck by John Holland on my desk which I pull once in a while when my life is to shift. The card pulled currently is the major arcana number 21, the card of universe. I thought of reading the card again for some reason, and I did. This card is about your effort has fulfilled and what you worked on is in your reach now. This card was pulled probably the end of last year. Of course, I was hoping that this meant that I would have what I hoped for this year 2014, but this year has been a year of excruciating pain and struggle. As I read this card today once again, it made sense to me. It is coming but it’s not immediate. It’s the continuum of process toward manifestation.

Things sometimes can’t happen unless something in your space to be cleared first. If that something in your space is dense energies from numbers of past lives, that shall take time to be cleared up. Hence, the whole outcome you intend takes time. So, if you ever get discouraged with your result not showing immediately, you must be hitting the big stuff to be cleared up. Pat on your shoulder and trust things are coming. You just can’t see the bigger picture, that’s all. One little step forward at a time. Give lots of “unconditional” love and gratitude to yourself for going through and experiencing such.