How to Unstuck?

The state of stuck is quite interesting. It is not visibly stuck in the small room physically, but we definitely feel the sense of stuck. It is definitely the energetic level and non-visible realm. When one is in stuck mode, maybe he/she is indeed in the non-visible small room. It feels the entire system is locked in some space or dimension, and no matter what you do, it doesn’t seem to move you out of that space. How do you get out of there? How do you get out of being stuck if you get stuck?

Long time ago, when I was studying in psychology, all I got from it to get unstuck is to keep moving. I didn’t become a psychologist as a profession, so I don’t know all the techniques out there nowadays. Whenever you get stuck, action makes it unstuck. That’s the message I got in general. Yes, it makes sense. That’s one view of stuck. Having that in mind, my learned system always tries to keep going, keep moving. Cuz you know? Who wants to be stuck?

The fact is that keep moving and being in action don’t always get you out of stuck. Speaking of myself, because I have a strong picture (learned conditioning from my upbringing or strong past life energy) to keep going and push it through no matter how hard it is, keep moving and being in action put me in the deeper ditch. I so wish that the field of counseling would bring in more spirituality and sixth sensory world. Everybody, every situation is different. That’s all I gotta say. One person get stuck because she/he has fear of success doesn’t mean, moving through the fear and keep going resolves everything.

So then, what’s the solution? All I have to say on this is to work with someone who can work with you in the spiritual level (in addition to whatever help you’re working with). Yes, we do need to have some practical solutions to be functionally live life. However, if you’re not aware of what is the driving force of your energy to get stuck, you will be stuck again in the future in the very similar settings (in the energetic level). In other words, there are energies which drive you to get in the loop. It’s like a summer bug unknowingly and happily jumping into the fire, only to get burnt. The driving force of this is unawareness and the cellular level conditioning to be attracted to the bright light, i.e. fire. What is your driving force? Highly likely it’s not just one. It’s the combination of multiple energies and pictures.

Also, if you get stuck, take it easy. No need to get disappointed or punish yourself for that. I mean, otherwise, how do you know, how do you find out if there is an hidden energy you need to be aware of? That’s how you see it and work on removing it. There are people who can assist you on your healing journey. If you seek, that shall be given. No need to work on it by yourself. Treat yourself some ice cream (lactose intolerant? well, then whatever makes you smile), inhale fresh air in the beautiful park or beach, and take things a little bit at a time. You’ll make it through. No doubt. 🙂