Family Energy

I don’t know if there is anyone who doesn’t have the family energy coming in to his/her space at all. In the beginning of my healing practice, it was not so crisp. As I learn more by healing myself and others, the family energy is so common. It’s trickier than other energies in a way since we grew up with it. It’s hard to recognize it’s there.

The most common family energy to come into our space is our parents’ energy. It doesn’t matter how old we get; our parents are always our parents. Their love, no matter how it may appear on surface, is caring about their children. If you’re a parent, how can you not put your energies into your children’s space? I’m sure it’s hard.

The more people I get to do healing, I see this parental energy coming into the space is so common. Some are quite strong, some are not as strong but definitely there. So, when I talk about energies coming into your space, it doesn’t matter if it’s from deceased soul or live soul. Energy is just energy. It doesn’t make much difference to me. Sometimes, the soul itself is coming into the space, but most common one is just the energy.

The thing about having anything but your energy in your energy field is that it disrupt your energy field. Everybody has a unique vibration. No one is vibrating like you do. So, when someone else’s energy is coming into your space, basically it’s sort of like virus or bacteria coming into your physical body. Sometimes your energy field tries to fight off; sometimes it creates huge stagnation. Basically, it doesn’t help you to keep the other’s energy in your field no matter what the intension of that energy is. It would be odd not to influence you if someone else’s energy is in your field. In other words, having other’s energy in your energy field affect how you think and behave as well. Then, what can you do about it?

Bringing your awareness is the first step. If you don’t notice, it’s hard to do anything about it, right? Grounding and releasing the energy not yours is important (you can try the two basic meditation posts from my blogs). Try out healing from a healer and experience the differences. When I have other’s energy in my field, it feels heavy. I’m really sensitive, so most of the time it feels physically painful. Once my energy field and chakras are cleared (as much as it can at that time), it’s so much lighter and I can relax easily. I know it’s hard to see if this realm is not your familiar topic, but the energy field is as crisp as your physical organs. Well, at least for me since I can feel it.

Having your own energy and removing what’s not serving for your highest good are the basically what all the healing modality is all about. Hope it helps your awareness and be closer to your true self. 🙂