How It Feels Like to Have Other’s Energy in Your Space

There are lots of metaphysical books out there, but I don’t think I’ve read about how other’s energy feel like if they’re in your space. Lots talk about angelic energy feels good, higher vibration is good, etc. So, I’m going to write about how the other’s energies like in your space.

When people talk about angelic energy or higher vibration energy, there is no defining clear line on what and what. In the beginning when I started to become more and more sensitive, all I could depend on was myself. How do I feel? Does it makes me feel like I can relax or does it make me feel like surrounded by warm, unconditional love? The reason I say this is that people can say all they want. That healer is amazing and you should try to get healing. Or this and that are high vibration energy and it’s good and so forth. Yeah, I bought it in the beginning, but as I am super sensitive and kinesthetic, no matter how it works for others or not, I really have to go with what my body tells me.

Here is what I’ve learned more and more. It doesn’t matter what the intension is, but if other’s energy is in my space, it’s not going to work for my highest good. I’ll give you an example. I have a manager who doesn’t know this sixth sensory realm (well, if more people in corporation are aware, my daily cleansing time would be cut in half…). How he tries to stabilize and manage the team is by putting his energy to each person in the team. Every week we have a meeting, but that day of the week from the morning, before even I wake up, his energy comes into my space. I get up feeling like a huge rain cloud sitting in my energy field and I so don’t look forward to that day every week. I think it’s a typical way people try to manage or control others: by putting their energies in people’s space.

What it does is not even helping each person. Each person has different vibration. This is not about good or bad, high or low, positive or negative. Each person is unique to his/her own. So, having this other’s energy sitting in the energy field makes it less of you because it’s taking up space from having your own energy. It should be filled up with your own energy. Well, my manager’s example is just one; this is pretty much daily life so he is not the only one I feel and have to clean out of my space. By the way, just because I sense this and you don’t doesn’t mean this happens to me and not to you. It does happen to you but you are probably not aware of it. Maybe you might be feeling like low or depressed. Or you feel like out of control. Or you might even have physical pains.

What can you do? Well, if you were the person who tries to control others by putting your energy in their space, let’s change that. It’s only hurting others and you’re losing your energy. Bring your energy back to yourself by calling it back. When you have a situation or people whom you need to control or manage, well…. in my opinion, you can’t really “control” others. You’re just putting energy of “control” in other’s space. So, instead, how about grounding all including you, your team, your coworkers and project. Trust that each person will bring their talents. If you’re shooting energy cord and pouring control energy, how could that person want to work well with you?

If you were the one who has other’s energies in your space, let’s start from removing those. Grounding, cleansing meditation and calling your energy from all the space to fill you in with your highest life force energy. If you’ve never learned a tool, please look at my basic meditation posts. I posted very basic tools to ground and call back your energy. Oh, you know what? Of course! Visit energy healer!

Having more of your own energy in your energy field and boot out everything else is a big step toward finding the true beautiful spirit, you. So, if you feel like something is just not feeling right, start from removing other’s energy from your field. Yes, you can feel shiny and happy like the Happy song by Pharrell Williams when you’re vibrating as you! 😀