Lesson #487 – Boundaries (I made up numbers cuz there are so many lessons!)

Maybe you’ve heard of this thing, “we are here to learn the lessons in this earth plane.” It sounds like a school, and we get to learn the specific assignments. I think we learn lessons many many times. In fact, we probably are learning some sort of lessons we need to learn everyday.

Here is my recent example. So, I’m not familiar with a partner dancing. For one, I’ve never thought of doing or learning because I just enjoy moving on my own. Anyway, recently I started to try out the partner dancing just a little bit. So, I don’t really know the etiquettes in it. The thing is that the partner dancing is lead by males!! Did you know that? I’m sure you did. I’m learning. I’m not really good at being told what to do to start with, so this is a lot more than just learning the dance step for me.

The other day, I attended a fairly big party, and I was asked to dance. I refused, but this individual didn’t back off. So, I gave in. Then, I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do with such kind of music, so I was explaining to this person that I didn’t know how to partner dance. Then, he told me to shut up. I got a little lit up by it, but then I didn’t really know what I could do there. Such and such.. The whole time, I was really uncomfortable but was trying to catch up on dancing. His body was too close, leg was too close, and I’m really sensitive to start with. So, here was the learning opportunity provided for me to probably draw the clear boundaries. However, this was so new to me, and I just didn’t know what I could do in such scene. Let’s say I spent a horribly long time cleaning up my energy field on the next day.

Here is the thing. If you miss the opportunity to learn the lessons and act upon it, it shall come back again and again. The next thing on the very next day was this; I had to deal with a car parked at my parking lot. I figured that there was no one parked at the next lot; hence, I would park there. But, this was the second time within a couple of weeks. So, I decided to ping the building manager to inform the residents not to park at the lot which wasn’t theirs. I didn’t get any response from the manager, but well, I did what I could do. I have every right to have my parking lot for myself.

No no, there is more. I work at night and try to sleep during the time all the humanity around here is getting up and moving. This morning while I was in a lucid sleep, a loud radio noise woke me up. I tried my best to place the meditation tools to be content within my room, but when the radio started to shout the AC/DC, I got up, put some clothes on and went outside to talk to someone. There was a truck from the construction people next door, and the music was from the truck. So, I went around to talk to someone. There, I saw like 10 men taking a break in the back of the truck. As they stare at this stranger showing up, I asked them to turn down the music because I worked at night and I needed to sleep. They, of course, apologized and did turn it off.

It’s sort of funny that these kind of things could happen any day, right? But, it didn’t until recently. So, I thought about it during the meditation. All I could come up with was that this lesson is about drawing my boundaries and stating/verbalizing it. I’m an extremely empath. It’s very difficult to be clear about my needs since I sense so much about others. Getting better but not easy. When I finally got up to go to work, I could appreciate these guys to bring the opportunity for me to state my needs and boundaries. Interesting enough, these are all males I had to state my needs. I’ll explain about this comment on some other post. Let’s say I’m doing a lot of learning around it.

Long story today, but what I wanted to share was this. Maybe when the very thing is occurring in your life can be something you get to learn from. It’s not about learning the math or how to dance. There is something you need to clear from you, and the opportunities are given. So, if you ever get annoyed or angry at something, maybe you can take a look at the hidden lessons there for you. I know. It’s not always easy to think that way, but everything happens for reasons. Oh yes, you have to be amused by it always!