All the Healers in the Universe – Thank you!

I just came back from visiting a Chinese reflexology and massage place. You might think it’s strange, but I don’t really like to be touched by people (and of course, I’m not really a huggy person, either), I rarely go to the place where someone will touch my body. I don’t do nail place, either. Hair salon, not fond of it, but hair being touched is another story. Don’t get me wrong. Even without being a feely touchy person, I feel more than I’d anticipate. Touching others isn’t a culture I grew up with and also, I think it probably is something to do with being super sensitive. So, visiting reflexologist or massage therapist is a big deal around my world.

What’s up? So, today is my one of those pay days, and I thought let’s try something new in the realm of taking care of me, myself. So, out of the blue I thought of visiting this reflexology place. Since I’m a healer (spiritual, energy), I do understand and appreciate all the healing modalities. I always wanted to learn and try the reflexology. So, here is the chance! I’m pretty proud of getting myself to do something I’m not too comfortable with. I’m patting on my shoulder.

I didn’t know they were really the Chinese masseuses. I didn’t even know the masseuse spoke limited English as well. There was a reason I got a “go” sign, so I kept trying to communicate with this guy without really communicating verbally (what??). Fast forward, turned out, he could do it right then and I picked the half an hour body and half an hour foot. At that point, my expectation was probably nothing: no expectation of good or bad. I was neutral since I was just happy with trying something I don’t normally do. That itself was a winner for me today.

A little uncomfortable at first as I don’t know what to do or expect. Obviously, I don’t have to take off clothing, thank gawd! As soon as this masseuse, Tony, started to work on my back, I was like, nooooooooooooooo!!! You gotta be kidding me! When I was younger, I wondered if I would be a good masseuse since everybody I massaged melted in. Also, I knew the muscles and spots intuitively, I used to wish I could hire myself to massage. Being said that, this guy was beyond! I’m not worthy! He was a male, so he’s gotta strength to push, but he also knows not to go beyond he needed. Who are you? Where did you learn? China? Are they all good there?

By the time, he finished my back, my body was hot, releasing a whole lot of stagnant energies my body was holding on to. I wonder if he could tell that I was a healer. Anyway, it was beyond I can express. If you live in Seattle area, it’s called Happy Feet in Roosevelt and his name is Tony. Try it out.

I’m normally not the person who receives the healing. Today, I became a healee of masseuse Tony, and I so appreciated his skills. What an amazing healer! I’m writing this post to share my excitement and gratitude toward this healer and also all the healers out there in the universe who are so skilled at what they do. How can I leave there without giving the energy (monetary)exchange for this amazing service?!

So, all the healers in the universe, masseuses, physicians, chiropractors, writers, dancers, musicians, on and on, please continue what you’re doing. Your work is amazing! Thank you! Cheers – Naomi