Healing Starts from Healing Ourselves

It’s August and Sea Fair is going on. Every year when August hits, I get heavy energy overwhelms me. I don’t know why, but I forget it is the time of the year where the war memorials are also set in. I haven’t figured this out yet, but it’s also the time of the year when the war related energy comes in to my space as well. Honestly, I don’t know how this time of the year is for the people all around the world, but for sure, healing of the souls who passed by the war is presented back home in Japan.

I was going to write the blog including the “war” word in the title, but I decided not to. The reason is that I posted one blog around this time of the year last year, which was about my spiritual view of the war. I posted on my Japanese blog which I intentionally created to send the spiritual messages to the people who live in Japan. That blog was hit by a search engine from Japan and this “searcher” read my blog. That’s great; that’s super fine. It’s just I had to deal with this person’s energy and all the energy surfacing from Japan about the war because of it. You know?? I’m happy to help, give healing or do the spiritual assistance. But, I’m not here to heal the entire nation’s energy. I’ve said that many times to the universe. I’m just one human and this is too big of my game. Anyway, I started my August with a serious pain. So, long story but I’m going to avoid the term on the title to keep my blog from the dark energy.

No. I’m not writing this blog to complain about the curse or gift, whatever you call, I got. I want to write about the blog related to war, but not just war. So, here it is.

I’m going to talk about this “searcher” from Japan. I’m not sure what this person is looking for, but the search term used was “to heal the souls passed by the war.” After I somewhat removed all the energy I had to deal with coming in, I definitely felt that it was not just one but many, related to the war. Then I looked up the search term of the blog: to heal the souls passed by the war. Then, I had to ponder a little bit.

I get that. I agree that there are souls who are not in the peaceful place. However, I want to address that the healing has to start from us who are still alive on earth. I’m sure there are still many people who have strong feeling toward the war. I know for sure there are many who are still very angry. Or there are others who have such strong grief. I’m not invalidating what they feel and what they have experienced. I’m saying that before we can talk about healing others or healing the passed souls, we have to heal ourselves first.

What can you do to heal others when you’re coming from the angry place? What can you do to heal others when you’re coming from the sad place? Can’t be neutral with charged emotions, can you? So, great that you have such great intension and empathy for the greater good. However, I don’t want us to forget the most important thing is to heal ourselves.

So, when any of you are thinking about such memorials and events, how about thanking the souls who have passed for the big purposes? Also, how about thanking yourself and loving yourself to start healing yourself? Lots of love and gratitude for the special soul, you. 🙂