A Gift of Being a Spiritual Witness

There are many times I felt that whatever I got is rather curse than a gift. I can’t even wake up in peace many mornings. From the morning, even before I get up, I meet the energy I will be meeting during that day. I do the tech work for my day job (well, night job in my case), the energy coming from the work and Microsoft never leaves me till my weekend comes. I don’t have to be close to the computer or iphone to know that I got an email and even the energy of the email message and that of the sender. I even know when someone is reading my blogs or my healing business flyers. Life can’t be so rough without even doing anything physically. However, when I meet and see the beauty of the healing and spiritual work, all the pains and nightmares are gone (till those come back again in the near future cuz I’m just a human being…).

Today was my monthly participation to the healing clinic as a healer. I participate in this which my healing teacher holds every month for the public. I’ve been doing this since I learned the healing, so it’s been for quite a long time. I so enjoy participating in the healing clinic. Learning how to do the healing is one thing, but like everything else, the true learning coming from the experience after you learn the tools. Through the years, I don’t know how many strangers I’ve given a quick healing in the clinic. I still remember my very first healing to a very stranger. I couldn’t tell if my hands were cold because of I was nervous or because the healee had anxiety (it was probably both).

I always enjoy giving healing or reading in the clinic and in my own practice. Even if I had such a hard week or resistance till I do, the beauty of the spiritual work gives me the amnesia of the hardness of life. Today, I got to give a healing to a gentleman whom I’ve been giving healing a few times by now. Every time I give healing on him, next time he comes back with a completely different energy in his energy system. It’s maybe 15-20 minutes short healing in the clinic, and my bodily self sometimes wonder if it’s not even enough (but it is enough). However, this person comes back with completely different “energy work” he is working on every time, and the energy we worked on previous to is completely gone I would say.

You know the healing is done by the source energy of the universe, and I do my best to use my talent to allow the healing done in the purest form without my bodily energy. Also, the most important part is that healing work is done by the healees. Without heelee’s own willingness to work on the subject energy, there is only so much healing energy can do. When I witness the progress of the healees, it’s so amazing and beautiful that I can’t even describe how I feel. I think this is one of the gifts of being a spiritual witness of the soul’s evolution.

You don’t have to have an illness to seek for a healer. You get healing for your soul’s evolution on your own pace and vibration. You don’t have to know what you need to change or work on. Your soul, your spirit part of self knows. So, if you’ve never tried healing, try it out sometime. You might not notice, but your surroundings probably will start to see some difference in you. I just now imagined that everybody gets shinier and lighter. I hope you can see what I saw. 😀