Time to Move on

Did you notice that many things are changing around you lately, including earth. It seems that the entire planet is shifting to the next phase whatever the next phase is. I definitely see it around me, and probably I am shifting as well (but I can’t really see it since the hardest thing to see is myself). I don’t know about you but I go to the haste mode when things start to shake. It’s like a castle. You built your own castle with walls, guards, people, and rocks to protect the castle. However, at some point, things are not there as they were built for. People are leaving, guards quit, rocks split, and walls fall apart. Sure, fix it, replace it. Easy to say, but sometimes a little tricky emotionally, energetically. It feels horrible, like the world is falling apart on you. Well, at least it felt like that for me this week. So, I’m going to write about change, transition and time to move on today.

See, we are in the continuous growth and evolution as a soul. So, things have to change around us since we are never a stationary energy. Like when we are growing up physically, our clothes won’t fit unless we change to the new size to fit our growth. The same thing can be said about us as a soul. Our surroundings are there to assist our current learning and lessons. However, at some point, we would be done with the specific learning and lessons. Then, our surroundings are no longer applicable to our soul’s growth. That’s what the change and transition are for.

I wrote a blog in December about removing the old in order to bring the new stuff (Removing the Old and Bringing the New December 28, 2013). Basically, in order to bring the new, desirable stuff for you, you have to make a space for it. If the old stuff is taking up your space, there is no space for the new goodies to come in. Sometimes, changes happen in that manor even if you’re not actively doing on your own. For example, your computer quit working; you get laid off from work; your house is in foreclosure; wife/husband cheating on you; your shoe breaks at a grocery store (it happened to me last night); car stops in the middle of freeway from the software failure (this happened to me, too); your manager quits (it is happening right now); your office gives you a notice as no longer available (this is also happening to me this week); and many more. It doesn’t have to be so dramatic, but even just small things, if it’s no longer serving for your highest good, it has to go or more suitable things won’t be able to arrive. See the picture?

I’m not good at transitioning and change, especially when it happens involuntarily. However, involuntary change always happens in my life lately (that’s because my ruling planet is Uranus!!), so I’d better learn to ride on it.

Even though the situation and change feel like you don’t know what to do and everything is falling apart on you, it will be ok. If you’re not calm about it, maybe you can take this opportunity to take a meditation class or get some healing to take care of yourself. Why not? When you take the agitation and haste out of your way, I hope you see this is all about making the space for you to create the new. As horrible as any situation seems, it is a gift in the big picture. If you can’t see that, I’ll help you to see it, so ping me up for my service. I’d be happy to be of your service.

So, when things are changing and you’re in the transition, I understand that it’s uncomfortable. However, I want you to remember that it shall pass. It shall pass for good. Ground yourself as often as you need and take a good care of yourself. Then, do what is most important for you first. Regardless all the things happening around you, you can create your new castle from inside of you and grow it to the outer. Let’s learn to enjoy the ride, shall we? Always remember to have fun and joy alongside! 🙂