Energy in Space

I do space healing. Space as in house, apartment, office, etc. Space or human, or even animals, it doesn’t really matter; energy is energy. As soon as I started to have my office, I immediately had to be good at space clearing. For, the space is never a neutral energy. People bring in energy to the space. If your office is used for healing purposes such as talk therapy, acupuncture, massage, chiropractic, or any types of releasing happens in your office, the office accumulates the released energy unless you clear it out. It’s not just healing office. Each organization carries its own energy in its space.

If I don’t clear my office space every time I go there, I can’t do my work (I share with two other therapists). Same thing can be said after I use the office. I do my best to clear the energy before I leave to pass the space to the other practitioners. When I first started to work in my office, I had to get some help from my teacher to do the space healing. The difference was so evident to me as she cleared the energy of the office. I could breathe better, I no longer had knots in my stomach, and I didn’t have to feel small being in there.

Today, I happened to check out a shop which I’ve never visited. I know this shop is in my life radius; I know this place been there for a long time. For some reason, I never thought of going there. Well, I do sense energy everywhere, so I admit that I’m a little bit careful about going to a new place. Anyway, so this place is a non-profit organization and fair trade retailer for 60 years (I did the homework after I came back home). This retailer is helping and empowering the developing countries. All the handcrafted products are imported globally. What they carry is charming and interesting; but, more interesting thing was the energy of that store.

I don’t know if they do the space healing or Feng Sui (I sort of doubt it from the talk with the lady at the desk); however, the energy of the store was so peaceful and neutral. It was so easy on my body. I mean, if I say that, it is something because anywhere I go, I do pick up something in the space. All I could think of was probably the intension and people who bring into that store. Obviously this store is doing a really good thing to the world. I also saw that people who visit the store seemed to emit soft, compassionate, higher vibration energy. Probably the vibration of the store attracts similar vibration, but maybe being in the store brings those quality in us all. Anyway, if you want to check out the store, it’s called Ten Thousand Villages in Roosevelt neighborhood in Seattle. You probably know. I’m little slow on going to the stores.

If your space is like this store, that’s cool. But, it’s not that such energy is given, right? It’s the end results of specific intension to bring better in the world from each people involved, I believe. We’d love to have such in our home, work or everywhere we go, but it doesn’t work that way easily. Our work may not be the meaningful space for us. Our home carries all the conflicts, grief, drama, history from us and the past residents. So, it’s not easy to have a clear, peaceful energy in space.

So, if you ever feel like your home or office can’t quite feel comfortable no matter how you physically clean, maybe you can look into space healing. Even if you don’t sense clearly, your body would know. We live in the multi-dimensional world; why not work on stuff multi-dimensionally? Just a thought.. 🙂