My Evolution as a Healer

Sometimes it’s not easy to see the evolution of ourselves. Nothing seems to be changing since we’re always looking at the front (forward) and not the back (past). Once in a while, though, there is a moment of recognizing how I’ve shifted. Since September is a transition time for all of us including the earth as a planet, I’ll write a post of my acknowledgement of my evolution as a healer today.

When I first walked into the sixth sensory world, I was freaking out. I had so much fear. I couldn’t believe I was even taking the healing class. I was not open to the alternative healing, except I just had an amazing experience with some help from a naturopath. Even that, it took me so much courage and effort to bring myself to visit the naturopath. For, I think I was so trained to think in left brain world, and also I was a pre-med. I really wanted to go to a med school. Anyway… I so appreciate people who are open minded unlike old me, but because I know where I used to be, I can also understand and be open minded about people who are not comfortable with alternative modalities.

I remember how scared I was when I started to take the clairvoyant class. I didn’t understand why I was taking it. Sometimes, I do things which normal people won’t operate in that way. I wasn’t taking it because I was curious. I had so much fear around it and thought maybe having that much fear wasn’t a good thing for me no matter what it was. That’s the main reason which pushed me to take the program. Sort of insane, but I tend to operate my life that way. Everybody’s experience is different, but oh boy through the class, I was having a hard time. I can’t believe I didn’t even drop out and continued till the end for one year.

Why did I even walk into this route? It was this thing I have. I sensed stuff everywhere and healed people without knowing it. I then got really sick. I’ve worked for corporations, and toward the end of the few years, I was not able to function physically (that’s because I was healing all the coworkers at work, customers, etc. without being aware of it..) I ended up in this realm because I was seriously needing the solution to be able to live life.

When I decided that I want to do healing as work, I half thought I was insane still. I was still a recovering left brain person, and I thought I would be killed by people (which century are we in now?). I was shaking whenever I tried to say I was an energy healer. Every place I put my flyers and business cards, I ran away like I did something totally wrong. When I told my sister for the first time about it, I thought I would be ridiculed and I would regret what I said to her. Interestingly, she was very supportive. I think at that point, I’ve already helped my sister through my mom’s Alzheimer’s situation. If I didn’t go through my spiritual learning, I could have never done what I did to assist my family’s journey for sure.

When I tried to rent an office at first, I was so afraid to be judged for what I do. It took me for one year to find it, but I did find a beautiful office just like I wanted, and I learned a lot from using that office. The person who subleased the office was very nice and reasonable. I shall have to end the relationship with this office and my officemates next month.

Funny thing is that I never had doubt that healing is good or not. I never doubted that healing is wonderful. It was probably fear of judgment from people the most (I must have had a few life times with bad experience by doing healing…)

You know what? Now, I guess those fear is gone. I say energy healing like eating breakfast. I even said that I was an energy healer on the current job interview. It’s even on my resume. Take that!! 😀 In the beginning of this journey, I bumped into people who don’t know energy healing mainly. Nowadays, more people recognize it when I say it. Even those who don’t know, most of them are still open to hear what it is. I don’t get offended even if people are not interested, either. I do believe that everybody has his/her own pace, space, and form of learning lessons in life, and it doesn’t have to be this or now. It’s nothing to do with moi.

My next goal is leaving my current work for good and focus on healing more. It takes so much energy to do the work in the opposite end. However, I do see that I’ve learned a lot from being in this work environment. It’s not fun or easy, but I’ve learned the whole different dimensions of energy through my current work. I also see that my team is a lot different from when I started to work. They seem to be healing (I hope I’m not healing them, but I probably do… haha).

So, people who are not really cool with the spirituality, healing, metaphysics, sixth sensory world, it’s all right. I was one of them. It’s not as freaky or as scary as you might be thinking, though. It helps you so much more than just get your cut stitched. It’s not as crisp and visible as taking meds or get stitched, but I guarantee you that it helps you so much on your life’s journey. If you ever have a chance, bump into a healer, check it out sometime. It won’t kill you for sure. 🙂

I so wish that whatever the next phase will bring to the humanity, it would be for a better beautiful planet and evolution of our souls. I’m here for assistance. Our souls are beautiful. 🙂