Energy Exchange

When I decided to do the healing as my practice, one of the challenging concepts to carry on was the energy exchange. In the beginning when I was removing my fear of doing healing, I was offering it for free. For, I wanted to have the opportunities to do the healing rather at that point. I was gaining the opportunity to practice instead of money. When I was offered to pay, I was hesitant. The thing is that generally speaking, receiving help or receiving in general is not my cup of tea. I tend to give. I’ve been consciously making the change around it, but since it’s not my cup of tea, it takes conscious effort. So today, I’ll note about the importance of energy exchange.

I don’t know if this is coming from Christian philosophy or what, but when people do the good things, we think of the concept of charity. Free of good deed, Samaritan work-ish. Especially when you’re doing the spiritual work, I used to get confused myself if I should be receiving the monetary energy exchange. Even though I learned and I understood the concept of energy exchange, it was never easy for me. Even now, I catch myself when I do the motion of pushing it back and in the middle of it, I shift my thought process and receive it with gratitude. Not an easy process.

So, why energy exchange is important? Simply, energy has to flow. Imagine the electricity circuit. If the circuit is not connected or line is cut, blocked, then the electricity doesn’t flow at all. The energy principle in the universe is the same. You provide your time, work, service, and so forth. The energy is flowing from you to the other party. If you don’t receive or the other party doesn’t provide the form of energy exchange, the energy doesn’t flow. America is so focused on capitalism, so the image of money is not always pretty. But, money is just one form of energy. You do your time and service, and you receive monetary energy as the energy exchange. You get a cup of coffee at Starbucks and you pay money for it. Same thing.

This is not just about money concept. Giving and receiving have to balance in you as well. If you’re too much of giver and you are not good at receiving, your energy system in you is not flowing. I can point out to you by just looking at your energy field if you’re such. It’s that obvious. The opposite is the same. We sometimes feel like holding onto stuff and keep receiving grows your prosperity. Not really. When we hold onto stuff, being restrictive about money and giving, the abundance of receiving is also limited  We also have to give in order to receive. By the way, abundance is not just money.

So if you’re in any kind of professions who have issues with charging, I encourage you to work on your concept of energy exchange and balancing the giving and receiving. Who said your work is not valuable? It’s probably yourself and the people are only reflecting your beliefs. Yes, you can bring abundance! There are plenty of space for everybody to have abundance! 😀