You Always Have Helpers

Life has ups and downs. When we’re in the middle of downers, oh boy, don’t we feel like the world is against us at times? I used to feel completely ditched out by the universe since it’s painful to be in the middle of the hardness of life. I’m again in the middle of the chaos which my current job brought in. Although it’s quite painful and it brings all sorts of wounds from the past and present, I also recognize the support and helpers here and there. So, I want to write to remind you that there are always helpers and you are not alone in any situations.

I’ll give you an example although I can’t quite talk about my job situation. Maybe someday when I leave this work, when time is right, I’d share. So, I’m again in the middle of a complete chaos at work. I even cursed at my manager in the meeting. Let me describe a little bit about me. I’m often seen as “quiet.” I don’t really choose confrontation as the mean of communication nowadays. I don’t complain much or ask for help much. When I ask for help, I really need help or else I’m/we’re in trouble. Being said that, if I drop an f-bomb in the meeting in front of my managers, that’s quite unusual. So, this situation at work is quite big. I’ve been in this stress for a while, maybe three weeks at least. My eye got inflammation, body stopped sleeping well, and I can’t quite cut the work energy coming into my space no matter how much I meditate and clean up my energy field. Then, I’m in the emergency mode. This job sucks my will to live. Still, even in the middle of this, I have been recognizing the helpers from the universe.

My next door has been on the construction for a while and they were doing the digging again last week. We had to move our cars from the parking lots to the temporary parking because of that. It’s another stress on top of what I have with my job right now. But, the manager of the apartment complex voluntarily let me use his parking up front and instead of me parking at the wherever temporary parking place is, he parks his truck there. I didn’t ask him to do such, but he’s completely being such a kind person to me. I so appreciate his caring. Even though I probably didn’t have any space to be grateful during the work week (well I did feel a glimes of gratitude), I feel so fortunate to be helped by someone like this individual. I can feel gratitude on my day offs. This is my universal helper part I.

I try to take a break from work during the lunch break, so I consciously go to the natural food store called PCC everyday. Since I go there everyday during the work weekdays, I happened to know some employees in the store by face and some by names. No matter how I show up with the worst possible mental shape, maybe even worst appearance under stress, they wrap me with the gentle welcome, smile and assistance. It is my oasis in the middle of the desert (or rather the war…). I don’t know how my life at work without this oasis visit during my lunch break. My universal helpers part II.

I have a gifted healing teacher and a healer friend who gave me healing. Did I feel better after the healing? You betcha! It’s more than feeling better. I don’t know if I can go through this work chaos without their healing assistance. In fact, I don’t know if I would have been with this job still. But, I know I’m bumping into this much hard events at work for a reason. Maybe I can share this when I complete. My universal helpers part III.

I’m getting the invisible support from my colleagues at work here and there. The whole project, organization are not supporting me at all, but I can’t dismiss the support I’m receiving from my coworkers when I’m torn. My universal helpers part IV.

There are a lot more if I keep listing. You too have helpers from the universe. No matter how bad the situation seems, there is always universal assistance. If you feel like no one is on your side, look around and pay attention to the universal helpers. It’s there. You just haven’t paid attention to it. You always have the assistance from the universe. If you need help, just ask. It shall be given.