Free Will

We all have free will. Even if in the big picture it is the highest good for the individual, still he/she has a choice. I believe this is the very base line principle. If you are in the healing profession, or even if you’re not, this is the key concept when you deal with other people. In your eyes, if this person should take this route, it should be so much better. Yet, if the person is not willing to take that route, it is not his/her path. So, you shouldn’t sweat about other’s life and the path they’re taking. If it affects you, only if it affects you directly, then you probably can do something about it in terms of keeping your space clear for yourself only. So, let’s dig into the free will topic today.

Lately, I gave a casual consultation on the retail business space of a couple of neighborhood businesses. Not that I was asked for. I just wanted to enjoy my day off and I was hanging out in my neighborhood retail street. I would have normally shut my mouth and taken off quickly. However, for some reason, I had a slight push by something to share what I saw and felt at the stores. So, I did. Take it or leave it, that’s my attitude always when I do healing or spiritual work.

One of these two happened to be the joint where I do enjoy visiting once in a while. I know a barista for a long time even before he moved to that retail shop. I happened to like that shop since it’s a small business which has been run for a long time. Anyway, I was casually writing a postcard to my mom there after I bought a cup of hot chocolate. Then, I started to feel sick. No, it wasn’t the drink. I wondered if it was due to my recent heavy duty self healing. Then, after a while, I realized that it was the energy in the store. I normally don’t sit around and stay inside of a store in general. I buy cards or drink and take off shortly. On this particular day, for some reason, I decided to hang.

I looked around and there was of course, no particular thing visibly. However, by now, I hope you know what I do. I see/feel/sense/hear more than the three dimensional matter. Anyway, since I wasn’t hired to do the business space healing, I roughly observed what’s going on there. I won’t be specific, but the energy of the back side of the store needs a serious healing/clearing. When the barista showed up, I told him what I observed by sitting in the store. Since he is not the owner of the store, I told him that there was nothing we could do unless the owner asked for it. But, I did give him specifically what was going on and what could be done. I probably should charge for a consultation in the future. :p

Anyway, the bottom line, the owner completely dissed what the barista friend suggested according to him from my later visit. The barista friend appeared very disappointed. Then, I looked at the owner which I normally don’t “look” (because if I did, I get more information than I would anticipate). My conclusion, sure the store needs healing, but the store is only a reflection of the owner.

I’m not saying that this owner/individual is good or bad. When things are very obvious and can be improved, it doesn’t matter anyway if the individual is not willing to dive in. So, I showed what it is in a mirror, but there is a free will. I hope things will go well for him and for the store. Maybe it’s not the time for him, or maybe it’s never for him.

Do I get offended? Nope. If it was before I started my spiritual learning, sure. Let’s face it, everybody can use healing. However, the timing and the speed of the soul’s evolution vary as we each are unique souls. So, Naomi doesn’t get offended, but won’t reintroduce my field unless I see a shift in the individual or a strong “go” sign from the higher power.

Maybe you can apply to your own profession or your life. Even if someone doesn’t want your work or suggestion, it’s nothing to do with your work or your value. People have their freedom to choose what they go for. So, respect other’s free will. We are here to evolve and heal ourselves, but not to change others. Trust me on this but people who are willing to hear you are willing to hear without a hard push. Relax, take it easy, and take it light. You do have free will. Isn’t it cool? So, enjoy life!