Balancing Male (Musculine) Energy and Female (Soft) Energy

We know that we have both male hormone and female hormone whether we are males or females. What I want to write here today is not about hormone, but it’s the difference between male energy and female energy. Again, we all have both whether we’re males or females.

Male energy is much heavier than female energy. Not always true but in occasions, it may be more grounding. Again, this, too depends on what kind of male energy it is. Male energy is more “fixing” based energy. Sort of like tackling one thing at a time. I’m sort of like that in general since I prefer to do one thing at a time, but I also know that I have the other side of me who are super multi-tasking in the amazing speed like I can’t even catch up on how I do it. Oh, we can’t forget the “competitive” factor in male energy.

Female energy is softer and gentler than male energy. Sensitivity, caring, nurturing, motherly energy. They say it is skilled at multi-tasking. What else is female energy? Hmm.. I think this covers the basics. It does feel to me a slightly higher in vibration.

The reason I thought of writing about this topic is that I currently work in the environment where I’m surrounded by the bunch of the competitive males. Is there a female? Let’s see.. No. All the customers, all the coworkers, all the departments heads I have to deal with are all males. It’s been like this even when I started to have an interview with this job. So, nothing new. When you’re surrounded by such strong similar kind of energy in one spot, it’s incredible. In every important meeting, there are this humongous energy competition coming over me. Partly because I’m a female and I also deal with the multi-cultural environments where a few countries are run by male dominancy. I used to go to work, during the lunch break and on the way back home crying. For, I’m a very sensitive intuitive. I didn’t plan to be back to this kind of hush environment. I thought I could just do my healing and spiritual work; however, the universe brought this back to me. But, I think I’m close to leave this kind of environment for good soon.

When I do healing and spiritual teaching, I look at both female and male energy and never felt such a strong view about them. However, I got to learn when you only use one side of energy too strongly to the point where it is in one extreme, then it does bring so much negative traits. Do they care about others? No, only care about saving own butts. I’m not saying that male energy is bad or female energy is good. Both have strength and weakness like everything else. What is important here is to balance and not to go to one extreme.

I’ve been having a situation where some issues were brought up at work and it’s been on-going of stress and conflicts for over 2 months. When I started to feel these strong male competition, judgment, accusation, rage flowing into my space, my initial reaction was bursting into tears. I’m not a chick, well I am, but I’m not a cry baby. However, these negative energies coming into my space, for a sensitive empath, is a torture and pain. I’ve been in rage and sadness in circle because it’s so sad and it makes me angry that humans have to be and live this way even if it’s to earn money for their family and self.

I can’t change the way how the corporates run and neither can you. However, if you’re becoming an insensitive human, controlling no matter how you believe in a good cause, and not being able to communicate with other humans no matter how different we are, I think you’re in the wrong direction. Sure, earning a good money, having the decent materials to support yourself and your family is vital. Yet, that’s not the only learning we humans are here on this earth. Are you going to repeat the same lessons you need to learn again and again for the next hundreds of life times? Are you going to create so much more karma with all the people involved and to carry over to the next life time and so forth? I don’t want to. I don’t want to because I know how hard it is to work it through just as is.

So, maybe if we are in one extreme, how about spending some time to develop and explore the other side of our energy? If you have bunch of dudes at work, maybe you can try going to a yoga class every week. Maybe you can try partner dance class or cooking class. If you’re in female environment and I know female energy can be as toxic as male energy in some occasion, how about maybe going to the gym and lifting with other males? (No, you don’t have to do that, I just happen to love lifting..) My point here is to balance both. One is not better than the other. We have both. We need both. If you are not aware of the difference, pay attention to your body and your intuition. It all starts from learning about yourself and self awareness. I wish Love and Harmony in all the places! ❤