Alzheimer’s Diary

I wrote a couple of blogs about Alzheimer’s on my English blog as well as my Japan blog. This is a continuum of my awareness about Alzheimer’s disease.

In case you haven’t read my previous Alzheimer’s posts, my mom has Alzheimer’s. She recognizes my sister and my nephew. I think she would still recognize me, but she lives in Japan and I live in Seattle. So, I can only guess. My mom is in the group home now since she can’t live alone any more of course, and my sister is not capable of taking care of my mom. Neither can I. Besides, I don’t even know where to start while I’m a US citizen and my mom is a Japanese citizen. So, it’s much more complicated than you can imagine.

Anyway, there is a nice care giver lady who works at the group home where my mom is staying. When I send a gift to my mom, once in a very while, she helps my mom to write a letter to me and mails it to me. Of course, my mom won’t write too much and it’s pretty much like a semi-kindergarten letter. Still, it’s a letter from my mom, so it’s nothing like it for me. Lately, I received a letter from my mom and also the pictures of her were included.

Looking at the pictures is quite shocking and fascinating at the same time. For, among the several pictures, only one picture has her soul/spirit in her body. The rest of them are not my mom. The one picture with my mom’s soul in it was a picture holding a dog. I did notice that she stayed in her body when I talked to her and touched her during my visit in 2012. Have you seen the movie “Awakenings,” with Robin Williams and Robert De Niro? It’s sort of like that movie. The human touch seems to bring her back to her body.

You can take it or leave it since I’m sure lots of people whose family members have Alzheimer’s probably don’t want to hear it. However, I believe that Alzheimer’s is the disease of transitioning the person to the death. In the beginning, people with Alzheimer’s stay in their bodies more, but they start going back and forth by leaving their bodies and returning to their bodies. I noticed this when I went back to visit my mom when she was first diagnosed as Alzheimer’s in 2012. Though, she probably had this much earlier. I wasn’t there and my sister probably was in denial for a long time.

From what I hear from my sister, reading my mom’s short letter and looking at the pictures of my mom, I definitely see that her absence from her body is much more frequent and longer. So, this process progresses and her absence from her body gets longer and longer as the time passes. Eventually, she won’t come back to her body and that’s what we call “death,” I believe. I can write like this since I’m not thinking about that process, but I’m just focusing on delivering this spiritual message to people. I’m a human with emotions and a body. So, it won’t be easy process for me since it’s my own mom.

When my mom is not in her body, she acts very strangely. Sometimes she would keep hitting people who shocks her. This never happened to my sister till now, but the last time my sister visited my mom, she started to hit my sister. It was when my mom was lying on bed and my sister popped into the room. So, when I did the quick clairvoyant reading on the scene, I could see that my mom wasn’t in her body. When she is not in her body, it seems that there is some other spirit who keeps her body functioning. It seems like it’s the agreement and benefitting both: keeping her body function while she is gone, and this “spirit” can practice and getting ready to come in to the human body. In other words, this spirit or loaner is preparing to be born to the human body.

Obviously, this spirit in her body doesn’t seem to know how to deal with the situation too well. It’s like a baby who doesn’t know how to be a human. Anyway, I told my sister as such and she completely got it. The funny thing is that we, my sister and I never knew we were both sensitive intuitives until I started to be a spiritual healer. But, every time I shared what I saw or read, my sister never questioned or doubted what I had to say, probably because she also knew it was true.

What’s my intention of writing this? Well, I guess I wanted to let people know that even if your loving one is doing some odd thing like hitting you or not recognizing you, it’s not they’re forgetting you. It seems like such, but it’s more of they are not there as much. So, when such thing happens, maybe you can try to find and communicate with your loving one’s soul/spirit, wherever they are. Your loving one’s soul/spirit never ever forget you. I can guarantee you on that. It’s just what we can see might not show that. So, if you’re grieving, well you have a valid reason to grieve, maybe you can shift how you view your loving one or the situation.

Lots of love to you and to your loving ones!