You Never Know

I had an unexpected busy-ness weekend last weekend, so I didn’t get to do my spiritual blogging. I’m glad that I can do it today before I get going to my night job! That sounds like something else, but my full time job happens to fall into the night time because of the time zone differences.

Today, I’m going to write about the bigger plan than our physical eyes and head can see/think of for us each. Hence, the title, “You just never know!”

I’m a spiritual healer and I’m always meditating to communicate with my spirit self for my next step and my asks for the universe. However, it never bores me when it comes to the universal plan or big plan for myself. Who thought I would be back to working in the tech industry again when I had a couple of painful experiences in the past. Moreover, who thought I would be staying in this job for more than a really short time. Now, by the end of next month, it’s been one year since I took this position. Man… I tell you.. It hasn’t been easy but something seems to have shifted. I can’t quite know what’s my next step with this job in relation to my healing work. If I want to do more healing, this job has to subside. If I keep this job, my time for the healing is limited. Besides, the energetic expense toward this job has been so great that I really attempted to quit twice really. However, obviously I failed on both, which tells me something isn’t completely agreeing with the idea or action of me quitting. I don’t know what it is for sure. If I find out, I’ll tell you later.

You might be surprised but I can guarantee that I probably is the one of the rare species who put my energy healing profession on my technical resume. I could even hear the project manager whispering to the HR rep before my interview, “I’ve never seen a resume like this in my life before.” Well, it took me some courage, but healing is a big part of me and that’s what I do. By omitting it from the “work” history on resume, I felt that I would be hiding the big part of who I am. So, I put it for myself, for the energetic purpose for my own benefit. So, I didn’t really expect that they would accept or hire me on this. However, I also knew that I was supposed to have this job for whatever reasons.

The nightmare started since then, or as soon as I applied for this job I guess. My entire system was screaming to say “NO” on this environment. I’ve been having a hard time. Can you imagine a sensitive person working in the environment where all the energy is sit on the network system we work with and all the energy is traveling in and out every second, including the corporate energy? Man, I tell you it had been a nightmare.

Who thought I would be still here after ten and a half months and actually commanding straight up to all the males I have to deal with? Who thought I had a courage to offer my healing to these left brain tech male geeks while they’ve never had such thing before? I actually gave my healing on six people at work by now. I even charge them now. More amazing thing is who thought the employees of this company whom I don’t work with and I’d never talked to would acknowledge me as a “healer”? You just never know.

So this is not just for my night job. It’s about life in general, too. Who thought from the day I moved my office to a new one, I would have the ongoing healees every week? Who thought my sister would cry with joy when I told her how many healees I had by now this month? By the way, my sister grows hairs on her heart, meaning she has a very thick skin. It’s a Japanese expression. She never ever cries. The only time I saw her cried was when I did healing and reading on her and I hit her core wound to bring her awareness to it. Anyway, we’re all evolving and we can heal ourselves.

Even if the surface level tells you something else, you just never know. So if you ever get discouraged by people or things, remember that you just never know. What you see is not all and there are the big pictures beyond. Trust your intuition and be true to yourself. The rest will be taken care of.