Just Ask and It Shall Be Given

I picked this topic today because I observe and witness so much on people not “asking” at work. It might be different topic than Bible or Hick’s book, but this title seems suitable.

What I meant by “people not asking at work” is this. When someone doesn’t understand something, instead of asking questions to find the answers, one hides his not-knowing part and does all the way to cover it up. This can be on purpose or can be unconscious habit. We deal with so much information which rapidly changes all the time so fast at work. It’s impossible to know them all. I can’t really say about the reason someone doesn’t ask and pretend to know all. Each person is different, right? The part I don’t get about this is probably because I’m the complete opposite. I have to know. If I don’t know, I have to know especially if it’s work related. The reason for that is it helps my work now or in the long run. So, if I see anything I don’t know about, I keep a “note” on my ever expanding resource manual.

I used to have this argument with one of my coworkers when he insisted that I should not ask such “basic” questions to such and such. His rationale was if one thinks of me as I’m ignorant, he/she will treat me less. Here is my take on this; that’s on the person who treats me less. Would I do that? No. So, hence, I won’t ask the questions I have and keep it blank so that I can’t do my job quickly? That’s backward. If I don’t know, I just don’t know. I care less if someone thinks less of me by asking questions which I don’t know the answers. I don’t have to pretend like I know everything and I’m an expert because I don’t need such false title. It’s so called “ego” to want to be seen as such. I’m just me regardless.

I see this similar mannerism in other people I have to deal with at work. It definitely is in my way to get my job done because they just can’t ask and it interferes with the resolution. Can I change the way they are? No. Is there any work around on these people? Not sure since I’m hitting my head on my desk daily nowadays.

Sure, maybe you have a false reputation or maybe your ego is saved. However, what you’re missing is abundance. Abundance of resources, abundance of trust relationships, abundance of friendships, abundance of time, abundance of joy, abundance of self love and on and on. Do you know how small our world becomes by saving such small things? There are so much more you can have in the universe. Are you interested?

If you ask, you probably will get it. If you don’t ask, you probably won’t get it. This is not just about asking questions at work, right? It’s for all. So, if you want something, let’s make sure to ask the universe. If you are stuck on this ego part or asking part, I truly suggest you to work on it. There is nothing you cannot heal. It might take some time but you can heal if you want to. If you need an assistance on that, I’d be happy to be of your service. Let’s shift our vibration because we can. 🙂