Healing Tools

I knew there are many tools people use for their intuitive work. Some use Tarot cards. Some use essential oils. Some use magnets. Some use just hands. Some use pendulums. Some use Crystals. I’m sure there are a lot more tools I didn’t name it here. Since I was a chemistry minor, I was immediately attracted to formulate some oil essences. I tried out and it didn’t work out. Sometimes, you never know what you’re called for. I really thought I could formulate the essences, but oh well. I also tried out to be a crystal specialist maybe when I started to open the door to the sixth sensory world. Then, I quickly realized that I didn’t go beyond “rose quartz” or “amethyst” which are the most known and most common crystals out there I think. So, I pretty much gave up on decorating myself with some tools or skills other than doing my healing and reading work without tools.

Funny things started to happen lately. So, although I wouldn’t use crystals as my healing tools, I do have some crystals. I put crystals at my office and also at home. Of course, I pick what seems to work for the purpose. Anyway, along the line, I found a new metaphysical shop close from my full time job. On my second visit there, I realized that they have quite a selection of crystals. When I moved my office to the new office last month, I got new crystals for my office from there. This is nothing surprising at this point.

Since I work at an environment where the energy is quite hard for us all (I do tech job as my full time), I try my best to separate my full time job from my healing work. Two can’t go together for sure. They’re on the opposite end; I’m sitting on this dichotomy of work environment. So, bringing a crystal at work was not even in my thought except I always carry the black tourmalines and ambers on my body.

One of my coworkers is very sensitive and he also seems to be very susceptible to the intrusive energy. Once in a while, he gets migraines or other physical pains. Lately, he called in sick on one day and as I live with my own curse/gift, I knew he was having the pain episode. So, of course, as I am a healer, I quickly meditated and decided to get some crystals to help him cope with the situation. I went to the metaphysical store on the way to work that day and looked for a tiger’s eye. Though I couldn’t find any tumble stone. I asked a girl who was there, but she couldn’t find any. The funny thing is that I knew something was talking to me and I didn’t know what it was. So, I kept grounding myself and kept visiting the crystals one by one in the show case. Then, my eyes stopped: a big beautiful tiger’s eye-quartz crystal.

As I asked the girl to show it to me so that I could feel the energy, oh boy, yep it was this crystal who was talking to me. So, I checked if this was for my coworker and I got a solid yes. Of course, he wasn’t in that day, so I had time to cleanse and charge that night. Anyway, it’s sitting at my coworker’s desk right now.

The similar thing occurred as I was looking for a crystal for my boss. He wanted an amazonite since he saw them in some desks. He asked me what they were for and I told him that it has the property of removing the electromagnetic field. Since he is a big guy with a kid inside, he wanted the same thing. As I looked for an amazonite crystal, it was clear to me that it wasn’t what he needed. So, I again stared at all the crystals and asked what was for my boss. Several minutes later, my eyes went to these pink, purplish colored stones. So, I asked for a reference book and read through the description of the crystal I was staring at. Bingo! Lepidolite: good for heart chakra, removes stress, worry, etc. Exactly what this man needs.

So, here is the thing. I’m not a crystal wiz. I just know the very basic ones only. However, since I’m sensitive to energy and I do energy work, crystals seem to help me out by communicating with me. I hope it makes sense to you what I’m saying.

So, here is my take home on this. Sometimes, forcing to use the tools don’t work; yet, tools can come to you in the right time and the right forms. So, stick with what you’re good at and what you know you do. Your work and modality shall expand without you forcing to expand. This can be said about any other areas besides healing, too. Do what you do and the infinite doors will open in front of you. Cool, isn’t it? 🙂