Energy of Emotion – Anger

Emotion is energy, just like thoughts are another form of energy. I believe emotion is what makes humans difficult to evolve spiritually. I’ve been experiencing a tornado of anger lately and I thought I would write about anger today.

Some people say that anger is great because it gets you move. I guess it can be a fuel to do something if you use that way. I can guarantee you that it would be puzzling if you see me in person, but my anger is quite powerful. I look like I would not even step on an ant, which probably is true, but if someone is stepping on my toe, I let the person know like no tomorrow. Well, I’m a little bit exaggerating. I think lately lots of people must be experiencing anger or else, I wouldn’t be in this kind of state.

Anger isn’t necessarily in one form. Everybody deals with anger differently. Lots of people repress anger as I noticed. Some get bitter. Some get sarcastic. Some get frustrated. Some get irritated. Some get depressed. Some get a furious warrior like the movie “300” (this is my style right now). Either way, if anger is not dealt appropriately, it can be harmful to self or/and others.

Have you been pushed by someone too hard and you exploded in front of that person? Then, you say more than you need to say to that person because of your anger. One good part of this scenario is that you’re letting the other person know you didn’t like something. One challenging part of this is that you probably is hurting this other person by saying more than appropriate matter at that time. Well, he/she hurt you first, so there, eh? If one can hurt you to make you angry, would it give you a permission to hurt others? Especially when the action is done with anger energy, it’s really strong. It’s more than a word, but energetically it can tear the other’s aura. So, something to think about. I’m telling this to myself, too since it’s been really hard for me lately as well.

I used to express anger by doing the punching bag. The thing is that it may seem to help, but I realized that as I hit, I’m also hitting myself (in physics, if you’re hitting something, the object is also returning the equivalent energy to your fists). Then, I get exhausted which helps me to slow down, but anger itself was feeding it to itself. That’s the nature of anger. Unless you let go, it feeds to itself. So, I eventually stopped doing such release. Since I learned a lot more about spirituality and energy, I will say that it’s helpful to do some physical activity to let go of some excess energy.

When someone is doing something which makes you angry and if you have no way of stopping that person from his/her behavior, why not removing ourselves from the scene? We can always come back and visit after we’re more neutral and the other person is also calmer from whatever he/she was doing. I’m saying this and also thinking how I can apply at work…

Anger is not a bad energy, though. It’s a normal emotion we humans have. Just it needs some care when we express it. We want to express without harming other people. You can write them down on the paper and burn it or tear it up. You can sing about how angry you are. Physical exercise always helps to let go of the excess energy and takes the edges off. When the energy is much calmer, then work on letting go of your anger completely toward the situation, people, whatever it is. Forgive the people, situation, and yourself. Forgive yourself for getting angry. It’s ok to be angry. As long as we treat it with care, especially how to express it and not to harm others by it. Most important thing is not to hold onto anger consciously or unconsciously. Just let go. It’s nothing special about holding onto it. You can ground your anger, too.

So, next time you’re around of anger, think of the safe releasing. Gym, hot yoga, meditation, float thingy, sauna, acupuncture….. I’m sure you can come up with some creative way to release the energy of anger. Let go completely, so it won’t stay in our body and invite similar energy. Of course, always having the amusement helps! 🙂