Time to Move on Part II – Next Phase for Moi

So, the 2014 is running fast toward the exit. It’s the last day of November and December is right around the corner. This means, pretty soon January and 2015 are showing up to our sight. Man.. Truly this year 2014 was FAST. Fast and hard I should say. I don’t know about you, but my year 2014 was what the f-ish rough year. Though, I’m not complaining. Well, ok that’s a lie I guess. I’m bitching about it but I do see the deep value of what it brought in to me. So, I want to drop f-bombs every single second about the year 2014; nonetheless, I’m glad and pleased that I’m completing the year 2014. (You probably think that I’m such a potty mouth and you’re right I do have a potty mouth if I have to work in this kind of work situation….) This time really, it’s time for me to move on.

I have decided that I’m going to exit this work environment for good. Actually, I wanted to exit this work environment even before I started to have the interviews with them. However, since I’m a spiritual worker, I knew that this work environment was presented to me for a reason. Monetary abundance, sure that’s part of it but it’s only a small surface level. From the beginning of this work journey, I was in pain. I’ve never cried so may times in life for this long, everyday. I probably noted in my other blog post, but I did attempt to quit twice till now, but both times it was a failure since I’m still working there. Now I remember something funny.. One barista from a local coffee shop actually encouraged me to quit, “you can do it! you can quit!” That’s a funny encouragement….

I don’t know what drove me this far under this much hard experience after experience. Since I’m a pretty serious person when it comes to any “work,” I think I believed that it was for my healing work. I believed that this was presented to me in order to do my healing and spiritual work in the future. So, I stick to it. Insane, but that’s the way I am I guess. But, this time really, it’s finally the time for me to move on. Thank God. You never know how much I was longing for this day to come for so long.

The fact is that I finally realized that there is no light on the other side of the tunnel. I kept on and had been keeping on because I trusted that there should be light on the other side of the tunnel. But, there is not. So, I completely lost my motivation to even try any further with this company. If I just shut my moth and cover my eyes, then keep working without passion, sure I think I can continue to receive the steady income. However, part of me has to die. I dislike hopelessness. I dislike not having a free will. I dislike injustice. I dislike betrayal. So, if I stay in this environment by just focusing on receiving income, I’ll lose my hope, my will to live, and the meaning and purpose of what I do for work in general. So, it has to end here.

I don’t know what the next phase will present to me, but I’ll focus on my spiritual work and healing work. If I get stuck financially, then I’ll revisit about working for a corporation at that time. For now, I no longer have any interest in working for a corporate world. I’d rather take the financial risk to do my intended work than losing my truth and spark.

So, thank you for putting up with my blog posts about my current full time work this year. In two weeks, my posting should be back to the steady timeline. I’ll trust that the universe will present the doors to my healing work.

Have a wonderful Holiday season!! Don’t stress out on Holidays. You don’t have to. It’s a beautiful time of the year. Just chill out with a cup of eggnog or hot chocolate on a couch would be good enough, wouldn’t it? Either making it a stressful time or chilling time is totally up to you. Naomi will chill out without this full time job and work on my healing work. We have abundant coffee shops in town, so I won’t have no problem having a holiday cup of drink! What a joy! Take a good care of yourself and let’s enjoy this transition time.  🙂