Closing the Year 2014 and Welcoming the New Year 2015

It’s December 28 and four more days left till the new year to come. I cannot believe how fast this year went. I also cannot believe this is my first blog of this month. I didn’t plan this way, but maybe that is ok. I hope all the craziness and stress around holidays have passed for you all. Of course, New Year’s Eve is still there, but either you make it crazy or peaceful is totally up to you, right? Today, I’ll write about closing this year 2014 and welcoming the new year 2015.

Last year, I posted Removing the Old and Bringing the New to describe the concept of discarding the old so that there is space for new things to come in. This year, I’m a little bit behind on my removing the old project. I have started from the small things, though. You may laugh but I had a bagful of dead batteries, light bulbs, etc. Why? Well, I didn’t want to dump them in the dumpster since a part of me knows that there should be a safe place to discard those. The thing is that I get too busy and didn’t get to locate where I can take them. When I thought about what I should remove before the new year hits,  that was my first thought: removing these dead materials.

When I spoke to my healing teacher about it, she said, “That’s a good start. Think about the significance of them. “Dead” batteries. “Dead” light bulbs.” Oww…. Why didn’t I think of it before? My gosh! It’s almost like accumulating the energy of my own battery and my own light bulb to be dead. Yikes! So, I did research about E-cycle and took them to the right places. Oh, thank God I noticed this!

I’m a firm believer of cleaning up the stuff which no longer serves us. It’s taking up the space of more applicable, up-to-date stuff to come in for us. So, I do the closing year cleaning every year. Since I’m quite busy, like you and the rest of the world, I probably may not reach all I want to clean up. So, for people who have a limited time like myself, maybe you can be a little strategic and intuitive about what you want to remove before this year 2014 closes.

Since I cleaned up the “dead” stuff, I have two things I want to remove from my space. One is my old but nice clothing. It’s a long story, but this takes a little research and a project. So my goal of this is by the beginning of the new year 2015. The other thing is to clean up the entire bathroom walls. This can be done before the new year. If I can put something else, that’s cool. I try to be easy on myself, too, so my goal is to hit this one for closing the year.

What’s the significance of cleaning the bathroom? I think this is to commit myself to take a good care of myself. We clean our bodies and discard what’s not needed for our bodies in the bathrooms. I want to make a habit of not only cleansing but also nourishing myself as well in the bathroom. Obviously, nourishing myself is not my cup of tea. So, that’s my intention behind of my closing the year task.

What can you do before you close this year? Is there anything, even small thing, you can remove before the new year hits?  You don’t have to do everything. Just pick one or two since the new year is already knocking your door. If you don’t do any, sure, that’s up to you. If you do the removing-the-old project, I can guarantee you that it has a significant effect for you energetically. What kind of new would come in next year? Isn’t it amusing and exciting to look forward to it?

In any case, have a Happy New Year! May the year 2015 bring you happiness, joy, love, abundance and amusement! 😀