Happy New Year!! Gratitude to the Past Year 2014!

2015 has arrived! My confession: I haven’t even completed what I planned for the end of the year 2014. Of course, it wasn’t what I planned. I thought having a four-day-off would give me a plenty of time to do what I planned to do. I only planned just one thing! Ok ok ok. I’d better remove my perfect picture on this and give myself a little more space to work on it. So, if you haven’t gotten to whatever you wanted to do, you’re not alone! It’s all good. :O)

Before the year 2015 came, I wanted to write about my gratitude to the year 2014. I can write about it now, right? So, I shall do so. As I mentioned many times how my year 2014 had been rough, it sounds like nothing but a horror. However, that’s not true at all. There are plenty of things I can appreciate. So, I shall spell out my review of the 2014 with gratitude.

I got to move my healing office to a new, bigger and much suitable for the new vibration of my healing. I’m evolving as a person and as a healer. With that, if my healing space isn’t applicable, it shall shift as well. That’s what happened during the last quarter of the 2014. It was uneasy and unsettling; however, the end result was much greater than I expected. Since I moved my office to the new one, I started to have the regular healees/readees every week. I only have my healing office for the weekends for now, so this is really amazing for me. My gratitude to the new office, the officemate who is subleasing the office to me and my healees/readees.

I got to share many many gifts with my coworkers, my family and all the people I bump into. I could share my insights, wonderful local food from the local small businesses, and locally roasted coffee. This wasn’t what I imagined but I sure enjoyed and amused how wonderfully creative all the people out there are. My gratitude to all the local small businesses who are so caring, creative and good at what you do. Of course, my gratitude to all my coworkers at my night job who are willing to participate on my regular sharing.

I got to learn to stand up for myself in many difficult situations at work. Again, it hasn’t been easy, but if this environment wasn’t there, I probably hadn’t had this much change to stay strong, stand up for myself continuously, and break the rules and stereotypes of who I am supposed to be. As you can guess, no I haven’t left the job yet. However, I believe I ended the “job” I had and proposed what the new “job” should be. I don’t know how this “new” looks like, but the most important part is done. I called on what I deserved. So, yay for me to have a gut to take such risk and to stand up for myself. My gratitude to this environment at the night job which gives me so many lessons and opportunities to stand up for myself.

I have many helpers everywhere. It can be a retail cashier who would give me a humane treatment. It can be all the shops who provide me just what I needed. It could be my precious friends. It could be my family. It can be the manager of my apartment who has been so nice to me always. It could be the shops who can give me the exact healing crystals or oils I needed. It could be my healees who came to receive my healing but also helped me to look into myself for the similar energy in me. It could be my chiropractor who helped me to heal from the serious pains. It could be my teacher, my healer friends who helped me when things were beyond my own healing. It could be the coffee shops, PCCs, restaurants who provided me with their food and drink with care. My gratitude to all the helpers in the universe!

I have to acknowledge that I have come through all the stuff regardless how easy or how hard they were. Seriously, I could have ended my healing long time ago. I could have quit my night job way before the 2014 had started. There were so many stuff which wasn’t easy at all in 2014, and I was told by a few that I didn’t have to go through such. However, I always meditated and stuck with what my true self or my higher self wanted. It didn’t make sense at times, but I did it anyway. Looking back, now I’m grateful that I went through these just because I now can see what it did to me. (well, I’m not liking the pains, so I welcome easier lessons this year, please!) My gratitude to the silly goose stubborn Naomi.

What can you see from your last year? Can you find the gratitude? New Year’s resolutions? Cool. It starts from your awareness, right? Look at where you’re and what you feel. Can you appreciate what it is and where you are? Starting from there, it always starts from there. Let’s move from the old to the new in our own pace, shall we? In any case..

Happy New Year! 😀