Energy of Paranoia

Happy New Year continues!! Not sure why I want to bring up this topic while I intend to start new year with the light and fun energy. This Paranoia energy has been visiting me since the end of the last year and I have observed coming through from my coworker last night. So, this must be something I should pay attention to. Hence, I shall do that.

I was a psych major as my intention was to be a shrink along the way. They note about paranoia but it’s not independently diagnosed as far as I remember. I think it is attached to the part Anxiety Disorder or something. But, from the beginning, I wasn’t fond of “diagnosis” since it puts people in the category or a boxed view of those individuals. They may argue that unless you clearly identify the symptoms and diagnosis, you can’t treat and intervene. Sure, make sense. But, I still don’t like it and I don’t follow that thing. Thank God I’m not a mental health practitioner. I’m just a healer.

Paranoia can visit normal people I believe. It sounds like giving you some insight about the possibility of the future occurrence of your action or position. It sounds helpful sometimes. However, it gives you the same strange energy afterwards. It’s like you eat something which tastes all right and it seems to be satisfying your appetite, but the after taste is horrible. Paranoia is very similar. I’ll give you an example.

The other day, I bumped into someone I know accidentally. Since we haven’t seen each other, we visited how things were going with my night job. I was telling what I did including my action around the resignation letter and what happened after that. The fast forward, when I finished telling what I did, he was surprised that I would do such thing. In his view, he thought I was the last person who would do such thing. In my view, I would be the only person who would do such thing. People can think what they want but normally people’s perceived notion of who I am are completely different from who I really am. Anyway, then he gave me an insight or rather “warning.” The warning goes this, “since you gave them time, they can bad mouth about you meanwhile and put you down to throw you in the difficult spot.”

This was interesting to me. I put two-weeks notice to resign. If my work or managements counter argue about it to hold me in there by taking my proposal in order to reverse the resignation, why do I care if they bad mouth about me to put me in the bad spot? If it’s such company or managements, thank God, I would leave for good at that point as soon as I find out. I don’t hold my action by fear. I don’t play politics because that’s a very bad energy which the lower vibration of humans creates. If I start kissing asses, I think I’d better check my brain by a shrink and stop being a healer.

This very energy which this person brought in is the paranoia. I didn’t buy it and I discarded it right then because I knew where I stand. The interesting thing is that the same kind of energy always comes from my coworker at the night job. He always states in the way that I need to be careful because those people can do this and that. Maybe he is right. So, because of these people’s wrong behaving and bad energy, I do have to change my attitude and intention? That’s a little backward to me.

Let’s say I buy into it. How would I feel? Well, I would feel small. I would feel being on watch all the time. I have to be so careful about how I act and how I say things. I have to kiss asses of course. Would it make my life easier? In his view, yes. In my view, no. It may seem my life or work would get easier, but I would definitely lose a true part of me. I would become someone else. I would become lower vibration. I won’t be who I am, whom I evolve to be every minute.

I’m not saying these two are wrong. That’s how they view and that’s their truth. So, that’s fine with me. But, I can’t live in that manner. I have my own truth and my truth isn’t this. Paranoia. I don’t live under paranoia. Paranoia doesn’t control me or my life. If it controls other people and affects them on how to treat me, well, I won’t be around there any longer. What’s the point of life and learning to expand yourself as your true self then?

So, I understand that we all have this paranoia energy, small or large, sometimes in life. However, I want all of us to be aware. Is it your truth? Is it how you want to live your life and who you are? Does it make you expand or contract? Are you breathing better or having a shallow breathing? Are your muscles tense or relaxed? Who is feeding you into it? Is it your friend? Is it your family? Or is it the pictures from your past events? If you notice it, let’s try to remove the energy so that it will not accumulate and invite the similar energy.

Removing what’s not serving you and bringing in the highest vibration energy which serves you for your highest good. Sounds like a good plan for the new year 2015, eh? Happy New Year 2015!