We Create

You know? It’s not Happy New Year much any more. But, I can say Happy Birthday for myself toward my birthday next month. So, it’s all good!

Lately, I started to notice that I really can tell the people’s energy through what they touched. Well, this is nothing new since I do that all the time, but I started to really notice different dimension or something through things people make. For instance, the coffee you order and drink. It sounds like it should be the same thing. If you go to Starbucks, I’m sure they train baristas and they do drinks like so perfectly trained manner, right? Still, everything is made and touched by us humans. Believe it or not, it does come through. So, I’ll talk about this physical world which “We Create.”

The other day, I had an opportunity to taste my coworker’s lunch. He brings in lunch everyday. I’m sure most of the time, his wife makes it, and sometimes he makes it himself. That day was happened to be his wife’s creation, which I didn’t know at that time. It was a simple stir fried vegetable and meat. When I put some in my mouth, of course, I could taste the food, but I could taste more than just food (that kind of sounds wonky but that’s what it is). So, I asked him who made this lunch today, and he said it was by his wife. Then, I said to him the following. “Your wife is a very gentle and kind person. It comes through from the food she prepared. I’m sure you have a counter argument about my statement, but what is is what is.” Surprisingly, he agreed to say that his wife has a gentle and kind spirit.

Food does carry lots of energy. The ingredients it contains, vegetables, meat, etc have energy. Of course, how those vegetables are grown and how the animals are raised before it became as meat matters. Otherwise, there won’t be so many natural food stores or food conscious people exist nowadays, right? In addition to that, people who prepare those food put their energy into food. The people who work at your grocery stores, the people who sell those food to the retails, the people who cook those food, etc. It’s not really good or bad category even, it’s just what is. I can eat pretty much anything except anything which my body reacts badly. However, more and more I notice how the material itself is just one part of it and there are other parts also come through the matter. Food is pretty obvious because it becomes our energy by consuming.

Since I’m an energy healer and I’m very sensitive, the places I go tend to be also the sensitive places. What I meant by the sensitive places is the places where people care about what they do and what they provide. Maybe they might not be thinking that way, but their style of businesses come through as such. So, I hardly ever go to the places by looking at the Yelp review. I’m more like a wild animal, sniffing around what I need, except I’m a human doing such in a city life.

We get so busy and often don’t get things right in front of our eyes. For instance, when I buy a cup of coffee or tea, sometimes I just don’t get to drink them all. I was like, well I got busy at work, so I didn’t get to drink it at all. The thing is, though, when I took a close look at it, those drinks came from people who either had absent mind or the shops didn’t have a good vibe for whatever reasons. Sure, it’s just tea or coffee, no big deal! But, obviously it is a big deal since my body stops taking it. I have a pretty smart body who tells me everything I need to know. It’s just I have a little mistrained brain which disses the messages she gets from my body. You know? Everything matters. People create.

This is not just food or drink. Whatever we see as out there is the results of our own creation. If your business is not doing well, if you don’t have a good traffic to your business like you’re hoping for, maybe it’s a good idea to take a look at ourselves.  For, highly likely the external, the physical presence is the manifestation of our energetic input. Do we really like what we’re doing as a business? Why are we doing what we do for our businesses? Is it just for money or success? I kind of believe that money probably isn’t a good enough reason to do anything. Do you believe in what you are providing to the customers as a business? Some people are sooo into coffee that it’s not the issues of they believe in what they’re providing or not. It’s like what they are passionate about is what they’re providing. So, it’s no wonder their shops are also exciting about coffee in vibes.

Another thing to ponder is deeper. Maybe we are passionate about what we do or we want to do. Then, what’s up? Maybe… maybe we’re not quite ready to have a full load of customers for whatever reasons. Maybe we’re not quite ready in our internal matter. We may not have enough confidence to handle full load of customers. We may not have such and such experiences or trainings in order to deal with what follows with more traffic. Whatever it is the reason, there must be an energetic reason for the outcome. So, that’s something only we may be able to visit for ourselves, right? Cuz it’s not for others, it’s for us, ourselves.

So, the take home from this hopefully is when you want a different outcome, let’s take a look at the internal, non visible matter first. You can be as strategic as you can be, but it really only goes so far because you’re the one who creates. What you have inside manifests what shows outside. It’s nothing wrong with whatever the outcome. It is just to show us what’s in us inside. So, take a look. That’s what it says is all.

Lots of love and abundance to you and whatever you create! :O)