Flu, Cold, Grief, Smoking and Respiratory System

I had a birthday last week and I was planning to do my own unplanned birthday celebration. It looks like it’s been another phase of purging and growth period for me. I’m not quite sure how to describe my state right now. Should I say sick or should I say I’m in the major self healing phase? Anywho, I’m having a respiratory pain and issues right now. I would not state this as flu like the rest of the world might state because when it started to happen, I could see the energy coming into my space. So, today I’ll talk about the energy which tends to occupy our respiratory system – Grief.

Currently, I’m again in the middle of the mass communication at my full time job. For some reason, I seem to be the communication conductor. People throw me the communications even though I’m not the solution; however, I happen to resolve/redirect the issues toward the resolution. It’s been this way at my work for a while. I guess it’s been this way since I was a little. I always seem to be in the middle of chaos and I seem to play a catalyst to make things happen or move to the right direction. Anyway, since the mass communication is taken at my space, my spiritual tools haven’t been able to catch up. Then, I started to feel this thick energy hovering around my chest and throat. I knew what was going on and I got help from my healing teacher. I wasn’t in pain at that point.

What happened was I think because of this mass communication at my space made my energy field thin and vulnerable. Being a sensitive and a strong empath, my boundaries and protections have been probably slim under this condition. Then, I started to realize everyone whom I came across had this thick grief energy in their respiratory system. Being a natural empath healer who has been consciously working on not to do the empath healing, having a weakened energy field under the circumstance is not a good thing. No matter what I did, the grief energy from the other’s respiratory system permeates my energy field. It’s not just one person; it’s one after another. Anywho, I’m in a pretty significant pain in my chest at this point.

Here is the thing. If I didn’t have any suspicious energy in my chest to start with, no matter how people bring wouldn’t or shouldn’t affect me. It’s just how the energy works that way. Then, I looked into myself what is in my chest and what is attracting these energy of respiratory grief. Like attract likes. That’s one of the energy principles.

Then, I realized that my dad used to be a heavy smoker. He was inhaling smoke in his chest and respiratory system throughout his life. He used to have this metallic coughs. I bet it was quite painful if I think of it. When I thought of my dad’s smoking, I realized that I probably had inhaled his grief as I grew up since I was born. My conclusion: I need to remove my dad’s grief from my respiratory system. As much as it’s not easy and it’s painful, this is to bring my awareness toward the energy I need to get rid of from my energy field. So, I shall say thank you for bringing my awareness, people (after I get rid of this pain).

Respiratory system is very interesting. You inhale the life force energy affinity to you and bring it into your chest. Bring it to your chest, which is around the heart chakra: affinity to love yourself and others. When one is inhaling, let’s say a cigarette smoke, he/she is inhaling the clouding energy instead of loving, nurturing, life force energy to him/herself. I have never given a healing to someone who is a smoker currently; but it makes me wonder if the smoking might be something to do with the unbalanced self –worth and self-love. Just my wonder since I don’t recall I’ve ever touched the current smoker’s heart chakra so far in my healing practice.

When we experience grief, it tends to accumulate in the chest, lungs, and trachea as well. Basically, our respiratory system is where our grief shows up. I don’t know why, but as far as I know, it seems to be the case from my experience.

I’m not here to lecture you what to do in life here. However, maybe this is something you can ponder if you are a smoker or you used to be a smoker. Do you hold some grief, either your past in this life time or even beyond this life? Are you inhaling the smoke because your self love is out of whack? I’ve never really looked into it since I’ve never been a smoker due to my sensitive sinus. Though, I wonder if smoking would shift if one would start looking into his/her self love and heart chakra. Just my wonder.

Right now, I believe that so much grief is surfacing in the earth. Even though you haven’t been in sadness, you might be experiencing a deep sadness from time to time now. The planet earth is doing a lot of work right now to purge the grief so that we all can shift to the lighter vibration; whatever this lighter vibration means. It’s an exciting process in my opinion, but I know for sure that it’s not easy for a while for all of us, right?

When you get sick, especially around your respiratory system, maybe you can work on removing your grief as much as possible. At the same time, pour lots of love to yourself, to your lung and to your heart. You know why? It’s just because you’re such a beautiful spirit and lots of love and nurture are so suitable.

When you hurt your lungs by smoking, would you be willing to inhale unconditional love to yourself before and after smoking? It’s just because your lungs deserve to inhale a beautiful life force energy suitable for beautiful you.

If it’s too hard, you can always try the energy healer. Healing can help your grief release. Guaranteed!

Lots of love, forgiveness and caring to your body and to you! :O)