Embracing Female Energy

Back home in Japan, it’s the girl’s day today March 3rd. I remember when I was a kid, I wanted one of those gorgeous decorations of girls day dolls lining up on the golden stairs. Well, good thing my mom didn’t get one because it’s f-ing expensive! What are you thinking, child? That’s what I would say to my little me back then. Anyway, since it’s a girl’s day celebration in Japan, I thought why not talk about something to do with females. So, I’ll write about female energy and embracing it no matter if you’re women or men because this is for all of us, not just females.

The other day, I happened to participate in the clairvoyant readings for someone. Maybe you know, maybe you don’t, but clairvoyant reading doesn’t mean I’ll be totally John Edwards or will be the movie Ghost with Patrick Swaze and Demi Moor. It all depends what the readees want to work on and what they want to show us, but typically, all the readings are for healing. We verbally disclose what we see in their energy field which includes past lives. As we talk about it, the readees can bring awareness in their energy field and they can either release the stagnant energy or start their healing journey then.

Often times, the readees bring in what you’re working on at that time, too. Often times, the readees bring in the similar energies you’re trying to shift. This time, this readee was holding the big matching picture of mine: male energy and female energy conflict. Too bad you probably don’t get to see me in person online since I’m not a photo poser, but I might look like a shmall sweet Japanese chick (well, I don’t think so but it seems that way for some reason…). Looks and surface are deceiving from the healer’s point of view. What it appears is nothing to do with the energy field often. The true Naomi doesn’t seem to understand that she is a female sometimes. The true Naomi seems to forget that she has a female physical body in this life time sometimes. I’m getting much better to balance both energies, but when some other males put me in the judgmental spots, my strong male energy flips. Thank God that I haven’t “pow-ed” in this life.

The thing is, how I grow up, how I was raised, where I was raised are just to bring up my internal energy conflict. It’s just a base set up so that I can work on it through this life time. That’s how we work on our energy through our lives. I grew up in Japan where it has a long history of male dominancy. Someone from other culture insisted that he surveyed the Japanese women in Japan and he assured that there was no such thing as male dominancy. I wondered if I was working with the idiots. So, you deny there is a huge difference in males and females in the society of India? So, do you deny that there are subtle discrimination still exists in the US? What is your college education for? Is it just to work on computers and be a PM at a large tech corp? It made me ponder why I even bother to work there.

The fact in my view is that I grew up in the very male dominant society. Females are intelligent and there is no doubt that there are lots of females who are doing the great work. Yet, the society in general babies males. Females don’t get to say or question in certain things in life. For instance, who decided that wives have to cook for husbands while she is busy raising kids and working? No matter how the society is so called Westernized, the underneath programming of female role is not fairly respected in my view.

Seeing and growing up in the society and the family so traditional Japanese, I think I grow up resisting males and also denying myself as a female at the same time.  So, I do have this internal conflict of no win situation: I don’t want to be like a chick, and if you disrespect me dude, I’ll take it outside.

Since I’m a spiritual worker, I have to work on myself daily. That’s something I didn’t know when I opened the door to this realm, but it’s just the way it is. Even if I wasn’t a spiritual healer, working on myself has been always there innate trait of my mechanism. So, I have to look at my internal conflict of energies. Not easy.

See, we all have both energies: male energy and female energy. Your left side embraces soft, creative, female energy. Your right side embraces grounding, step by step action driven, male energy. It’s not the matter of male is better or female is better. It’s not the issue of males are strong and females are not. In fact, females are such strong species. I question if it’s possible as a human species to have males go through the pains of labors.  Having female energy in you as a male doesn’t make you weak. Female energy can create something from nothing, like she brings another spirit into this life through birth. Female energy can give birth to creativity. How can we evolve as a spirit without this creative, birthing energy?

What we see in our society is not the true form of female and male energy. Just because the society reflects a wrong version of male and female, that doesn’t mean it’s true. You don’t have to fight internally because what you see and grew up with are not the true version of it. Embrace your female energy no matter what your gender is. It’s the vital life force energy of us humans. If you have problems with females or female energy, how about looking into what’s up there? If you don’t know why you’re a female and don’t know what the meaning of it, how about put it on the list to ask your higher self when you meditate?

Female energy is the key for the spiritual evolution. Let’s embrace it in us all. 😀