Energy is Speeding Up and Need for Slowing Us Down

I don’t know if you’ve noticed that time seems to be speeding up especially this year. It’s passed mid April and I’m behind of my Spring Cleaning. Sun is showing up more often and it uncovers how much stagnation I have in my room even. My goal is to do some cleaning this spring so that I can prepare for the new phase without the old stagnation blocking my shift.

This is a side topic, but it is related. The reason my cleaning project is pending is because I’m running my life with such speed where I haven’t had a chance to put my bum on the chair to pause. Being busy can happen more often than not, but this running the life with busy-ness is probably a diversion from our highest good. So, I wanted to mention about it as I have noticed it big time this morning.

As I drink my favorite pepper mint tea with a sweet red been treat which my mom’s care giver sent me as a gift, I realized that I really haven’t had a time or chance to sit down at home to just enjoy the tea time. Working for more than full time, being a mom/dad, being a home maker, wife/husband, son/daughter, friends, coworker, etc., our roles are handful. Especially since the planetary energy seems to be speeding up, it makes us really speed up our daily life projects, too. Though, the more it is restless and it is speeding up, maybe we need to pay extra attention to slowing down our daily life tasks.

I’m sure you’re managing your daily projects in life very well. I’m not doing so well actually. I’ve been noticing that my house choir is behind. I’ve been noticing that the sun is brighten up my room and it also shows me how it needs some good cleaning as well. I’ve been noticing but when I can do such thing was my main issue. My spiritual blog has been also behind because this does require some time and serenity to put the clear messages. As I write this blog and sipping my tea while still working on my laundry choir, I realized that this busy-ness can be another way of the lower vibration energy to get me away from my intended projects.

Before I took this full time job, I made a conscious effort to slowing down myself so that I could pay attention to the dimensions I was becoming aware of. Taking this so called “normal” corporate work wasn’t what I would like to do during that time because I saw it as only doing the negative effects on me. I now see the bigger picture, so I wouldn’t say that this work project for me was nothing but negatives. I learned so much because I was in this environment. So, I’m grateful for it. However, I really need to bring my attention and awareness back by slowing myself down because I’m not becoming insensitive meanwhile. I’m becoming more and more sensitive. I have to take a good care of myself therefore.

When we get too busy, we miss small things. It’s not too big of a deal because it’s small. But the thing is, it accumulates, then some unwanted matters get attracted to those accumulated energy. Yesterday was such day for me and I still couldn’t figure out what had happened till this morning. Small things accumulates soon enough and it creates a monster or rather it invites a monster. So, my learning lesson is to slow down myself enough so that I will not miss these small things which in the end accumulate.

Have you been to an abandoned house? Of course, it’s not clean and is dusty, but more likely it doesn’t feel good to be there, right? It’s not that abandoned house is purposefully being messy. Being messy is another, being left alone is completely different ball game. So, it’s the similar situation when it comes to the energy of our energy field and our household. Ah, work space is of course the same. If you’re too busy and you can’t quite reach beyond what you frequently use, the other part of the space starts to get dusty or build up the energy stagnation. The more dusty or stagnant, it’s easier for the new dusts and the new stagnant energy which has the similar vibration will be attracted to the space. It would be much more comfortable for a serial killer to stay in an abandoned house than a clean, well cared house, wouldn’t it? Our energy field is the same thing. You don’t want that, do you?

The spiritual workers tend to say that you need to bring up your awareness, you need to raise your vibration. It’s true, but if you know how, you’re already doing it, right? How? One thing to bring your awareness is to slow down yourself. Slowing down your process. If you have developed a habit of going to the gym and workout for your health, great! But, if you’re not aware how your habit unconsciously has learned other toxic messages at the gym, that’s not cool, either. So, slow down your habit, your routine, and maybe ask why and how it is working for you. By slowing down your daily projects, would it really put you behind of the scene? What do you start to see when you pause every now and then? What do you hear? What does your body say?

Paying attention to our body is a really good tool, too. However, unless you make time to listen to your body, you probably can’t even notice the messages your body is sending you everyday. So, would you like to try? What would you lose, right? Lots of love and amusement on your way! 🙂