We are constantly evolving. Even just learning through the biology subject matter, Darwin’s Natural Selection, evolution theory, earth species have been continuously evolving. Then, I sometimes wonder what this so called spiritual, soul’s evolution is all about. I like to use the term evolve than progress or improve. Evolve has a tone of the voice which is organic process and there is no judgment about good or bad. Progress or improve has the tone of judgment as if the current state is not good enough. I’ll talk about evolution because I think we are evolving exponentially.

I’m a foreign US citizen (wow that’s a new term…). No one probably would refer me as an American. People would probably refer me as a Japanese. The funny thing is that the Japanese people would never refer me as a Japanese since I’m not. Besides what the social standard wants to argue, since I was born and raised in Japan US citizen, the English words have very different tones and meanings for me. So called swear words don’t have much effect when I use them since I just think it is amusing to use. It’s probably like kids who started to learn the words, they pick up swear words quickly. I just find it’s funny why swear words are swear words while they have different meanings if you use the words in the different context.

What’s the point of this talk? So, I think I have an advantage to use the English while I don’t have a strong association attached to the language. If you are American, I’m sure English language comes with social conditioning. In my case, Japanese language does that to me, too. Though, I happened to lose my connection with the language in large part, so how I use it and how I attach my emotions to Japanese language are different from how Japanese people do such. Again, in a way, it’s very inconvenient in many living situations, especially my current work environment; however, I started to feel that I’m fortunate that I am somehow mutated on this matter. I think I can call my mutation also as evolution.

No one seems to be defining what spiritual evolution means or soul’s evolution means. In a way, it’s great to be that way, so we get to touch, experience and create what is for each of us. When I ponder what spiritual evolution is for me, I think of freedom. I think of organic, continuous process of me becoming more me.  While the human conditioning or societal system pressures us continuously to behave and think in a certain way, we can evolve to find the true “us” in it. Shedding out all the layers of messages and energies which have been putting us in a small space and expanding, that’s the evolution in my view. How does it sound? It sounds good to me.

Whatever you do in life, I hope you see when you’re expanding and when you’re constrained. Even a subtle thing can let us expand or constrain us.

Today, I was supposed to go to the Pilates class. I woke up late and I was not coordinated to get to the gym. However, as soon as I parked my car, a very strange energy started to hit me and I couldn’t figure out what was up. I ended up meditating in my car to clear my energy field. When I got to the class, I saw a different instructor, and she instead of acknowledging me, she told me to shut the door for her. The sentence itself is not rude or mean, but as I say often, I’m very sensitive to energies, I noticed that my body had a reaction. I was about to place my yoga mat on the floor, but instead, I exited out from the room through the other side of the door. I don’t mean to be rude to the instructor, but I’m learning to take care of myself first before I take care of other’s feeling. So, I wouldn’t want to be compensating my third chakra for one hour while I probably could be well meditated at home.

The reason I left without giving a benefit of doubt is because I give benefit of doubt too many times to too many people and occasions. I know I’m very aware and if something is off, I’d better listen to it. If I stay at the gym for one hour, I don’t know what it would be for me after one hour to be honest since I didn’t stay. But, the sense I got was “unwelcoming,” “control,” “restriction,” “smothering,” “mechanic,” etc. I picked this specific Pilate class since the class which the instructor creates is so warm, gentle, loving and good for my body. I didn’t pick up because it is “just” Pilate class. So, I’m sure some might think so what, but this is also listening to my truth and being aware of what allows me to evolve and not the other way. Constriction is not where I need to put myself right now.

What I want to say in this post is that I would like to encourage you all to be true to yourself. You may not be good at listening to your inner truth at this point. I wasn’t, either. However, the more you keep communicating with your truth, it gets louder and louder, clearer and clearer, and easier and easier. Then, follow through what your truth wants instead of pushing down or neglecting. That’s the process of evolution. It’s not because how others and your surroundings are to say, but rather it’s because that’s what your heart is longing. Can you feel the difference in your energy expanding? I’m sure you can.

Lots of lots of lots of love, unconditional love for yourself and abundance in all area of your life with, of course, amusement! 🙂