Remove the Old to Bring in the New Part II – Removing the Job

I often talk about one of the Feng Sui principle: Removing the old and bring in the new.  I’m learning that this principle is for the nontangible matter as well this week. So, today I’ll share my current example of this principle.

I have written the blog about Removing the Old and Bringing the New. The principle is that in order to bring a new and suitable thing to you, you have to make a space for it. If the old matter is blocking the new and good thing to come in, it can’t come in. This is easy to picture if it’s any tangible matter. The tricky part is that this is true even if it’s non-tangible matter. As a spiritual healer and teacher, I do mention about this often. That doesn’t mean my learning is done, either. I learned a big time about this principle at my full time work this week.

I finally gave a “real” resignation letter to my current full time work. You might know, you might not but this is the second resignation letter to be sent. I thought the first one was also the “real” one. Besides this, I rage quit 3 times by now. Though, this time seems to be the real one. I’m not sure why I couldn’t leave before. I have my own weaknesses anyway, so I’ll focus on today’s topic.

Even though I knew this principle, I wanted to see some signs before I remove this job. I wanted to see maybe my healing work will make significant shift. Maybe my work will bring in new people so that I can teach what I have been doing. Maybe my work will change and treat me with respect and give me a raise as I proposed on my first resignation reversal. None happened and I started to notice my energy and feeling have become numb every time I went to work. When I noticed that the unbearably hopelessness was in my chest, I decided to jump off from the cliff again and sent a resignation letter last Sunday. So, of course, I don’t have any back up plan to take over my full time income besides I know I want to do healing more.

Of course, my boss tried to stop, but as soon as I said that this job was never the primary purpose as a work and my intent has been always the healing work, this time went differently from any previous attempts. If this job is not allowing me to have energy to do my intended healing, I have to let this job go. If this job is sucking up my energy so much that I can’t even have any space for my new healees to come in, I have to let this go. That was my premise to the universe when I took this job. Then, my boss didn’t argue or try any further and I knew this time was the “real” one.

After the “real” resignation has taken officially, I started to see what I was blinded before. Of course, my work isn’t going to find someone else because I manage everything and make things happen under any circumstances. I’ve been taking care of everything on my own since no one else would help this project. Knowing that this project will be in the big trouble if I leave, I have been continuously asking to bring more people and have also been waiting that to happen. It won’t happen unless I remove myself.

Removing the old (me) will bring in the new (new crew). This principle is not just for my work; it is for me, too. This job (the old) has been taking up so much space, my healing (the new) hasn’t been able to shift to the new phase. I couldn’t have any energy to put meditation class together which has been in my head. I couldn’t put this and that ideas which have been in my mind from the beginning of my healing practice journey. It’s so simple and it should be so obvious, but when we’re in the middle of the thing, it’s so hard to see it clearly. But, I tell you that you really have to take a look at this principle in any situation. I wanted to share with others because I’ve spent so much energy for this work and what I thought would have never happened this way. However, I don’t think anything is a waste. I’m sure I learned a lot more than I’m aware of by being in this work for more than I had planned.

Take back home message of this I hope is that if you have anything which is sucking  your will to live or hope, take a look at what’s the old in your space. People? Job? Space? It doesn’t matter what it is, but it just needs to be removed before your life to be filled with the suitable matter.

What about a back up plan? well…. I’m sure the universe will bring in the new. I’ll let you know the result in the near future, how does it sound?